What is a base coat?

base coat

Ok so everyone is asking me (specially my brother) that how come my nails are not stained or ugly after constant chemical exposure? As you know, I’ve been changing my nail polish almost everyday for the 31 Day nail art challenge. In such circumstances it’s difficult to keep the nails healthy and stain proof..that’s when a base coat come to my …


Amazon Great Republic Day Sale 17th -20th May 2022

Amazon Great Republic Day Sale

Welcome to my blog: Amazon Great Republic Day Sale . The Biggest Deals of the period are here. It’s coming down limits with the Great Republic Day sale on Amazon. The top internet business destinations have turned out for Republic day Sales. We bring the handpicked bargains from top online retailers in India. Online shopping …


11 Best Mosquito Nets In India With Price (Review and Buying Guide) May 2022

Best Mosquito Nets In India

Welcome to my blog: Best Mosquito Nets In India Mosquito nets are significant for standard life. Without mosquito nets, it is hard to get tranquil rest in India. These are utilized consistently, guaranteeing an appropriate breathing space and great rest is a lot of required.  Making your bed best is exceptionally fundamental. Accordingly, choosing a …