5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India with Purchasing Guide December 2022

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Washrooms are one of the most muddled places in the whole house and without a decent bathroom exhaust fan, there are high odds of shape and different parasite development. 

Not just that, soggy and sodden restrooms regularly are ground zero for some hazardous and effectively contaminable illnesses. In this manner, it is extremely imperative to drive out scents and dampness out of the little room at the earliest opportunity. An exhausting fan is explicitly intended to do only that. 

An exhausted fan deals with the guideline of suction. The inverse of any ordinary fan, these fans are highlighted outside of the room and when turned on, they pivot anti-clockwise. In this way they suck the smells and soggy air from inside, push it outside while pulling in natural air from outside to inside. 

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Picking the best washroom exhaust fan is a troublesome activity. On one hand, you need a quick fan to push out however much air as could be expected as quick as would be prudent yet these are excessively uproarious. Yet, in the event that you pick a quiet working fan, they will be unable to work in a superior manner. This article will assist you in settling on an educated decision on which one to pick. 

Likewise, we have incorporated a “Purchasing guide” at the starting of the article that will assist you with understanding our examination and assist you with picking a superior fan. 

Here’s The List Of The Best Exhaust Fans for Bathroom

Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan 
Havells 230mm Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan
Usha 200mm Crisp Air Exhaust Fan
Orpat 6 Inch exhaust Fan 
Bajaj 300MM Maxima Exhaust Fan

Purchase Guide for The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans

As we referenced before, picking a right washroom exhaust fan may be precarious. Be that as it may, when it is fit, you don’t have to stress over it for over numerous years to seek. Today, right now, we will discuss the different significant elements one needs to consider while picking an exhaust fan. 

Exhaust fans are of two types. 

  1. Kitchen Exhaust Fans: These fans are principally utilized in kitchens to drive out smoke and other moment particles of air. Not all that perfect to drive out a clammy show. 
  1. Bathroom exhaust fans: As the name proposes, these exhausts fans are explicitly intended to push out moist air and dampness from internal parts of the washroom to the outside. 

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Ensure that you are covering the entirety of the accompanying significant factors before you settle on the decision of purchasing a restroom exhaust fan. 

Size of the fan. 

This is without saying the first and the premier significant factor one needs to search for before picking a fan. 

You can’t haphazardly stroll into a store and anticipate that a solitary size of the fan should fit the window of the washroom. A great many people feel that a major window with a little fan will help push more air outside however this will just prompt irregular and unfiltered air to enter your washroom and increment the general dampness levels of the room. 

Bigger windows need greater fans while littler windows need small fans and these estimations are taken as “cubic feet per meter” or CFM. The CFM esteem chooses what amount of ventilated fan your requirement for your restroom. 

First, you have to ascertain the square size of your washroom by foot. This is only the result of the width of the divider to the stature of the room. For example, in the event that the restroom is 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall, at that point the room is 35 square feet (which isn’t that huge). 

It is a smart thought to get a fan that is somewhat greater than the size of the exhaust fan divider. The standard size is around 60 CFM (cubic feet per minute) while the base accessible size starts with 50 CFM. 

In the event that your restroom has a streamed tub or some other double room or shower lodges or anything considered, at that point, it is recommended that you get more than one fan. A solitary fan may not be that useful. 

Clamor factor: 

This may appear to be a fun factor however modest and sick quality washroom exhaust fans are frequently boisterous and untidy. In any case, until you have introduced a fan in your restroom, you never can understand if the clamor discharged by the fan is tolerable or just a lot to endure. 

So as to get a thought of how boisterous these fans can be, there is a unit of estimation called Sones. 

The sones estimation of an individual fan gives you a thought of whether the fan is uproarious or has tolerable sound emanation. It isn’t only for fans yet, in addition, gives you a thought of how electrical or different things work. 


The following significant factor one needs to search for is the proficiency of the fan. While these fans may appear little bits of hardware, you have to consider the way that, whenever picked wrong, they may wind up devouring a ton of intensity. 

Quiet fans are quite inactive and don’t expend a great deal of intensity as well. In any case, this doesn’t imply that noisy fans devour a great deal of intensity. The effectiveness of the fan is reliant on its star rating. 

Before you purchase an item off a rack, make certain to check its star rating as this will give you a knowable of how vitality proficient the item is. 

Large brands regularly ensure that the fans delivered by them are vitality proficient. Fans endorsed by Energy Star are known to have over 75% vitality effectiveness which is an awe-inspiring rate. 

Blade Material 

This might be a significant factor for kitchen exhaust fans, however, it had not so huge of an effect with regards to restroom exhaust fans. 

On account of kitchen exhaust fans, the assembled material may prompt back-drafting yet with regards to washrooms, development of fabric build-up, or some other combustibles on the outside of the fan sharp blades is preposterous. 

Despite the fact that, the sharp blade material can be considered to thoroughly analyze the general form nature of the fan. 

Metal blades are strong whereas plastic blades are not unreasonably solid but rather are an extremely financial and pocket agreeable choice. 


Not a significant factor to pay special mind to however is significant in the event that you are on a shoestring spending plan yet need a quality item. 

Washroom exhaust fans are not very expensive. They normally are between the value scope of around 800 to 2000. More significant expense warranties better quality and the other way around. 


Normally, an exhausts fan warranties around 1 or 2 years of producer’s warranty. This implies at whatever point there is an inside breakdown or if the item is broken upon conveyance, one can warranty the warranty. 

While numerous organizations have devoted cards for warranty, frequently, your bill goes about as the warranty verification. In the event that the fan separates because of outside weight or because of tumbling down or because of use by carelessness, no cases of warranty are engaged by the fan organization nor the vendor.

Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 Mm Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Besting our rundown is the Luminous exhaust fan Vento. This exclusive fan is made out of plastic and has a 200mm breadth limit. 

Brilliant white in shading, the measurements for this fan are around 33 cm X 14.5 cm X 32 cm and in this manner, it is perfect for a 10-inch x 10-inch divider window space, this exhausts fan isn’t only a staple for restrooms however is an ideal fit for kitchens as well. 

Made altogether out of plastic, don’t let the quality bonehead you, it is as strong as it can get. Simple to get mounted on the divider, its capacity to deal with the scents of the washroom and the smoke, oil, and build up from the kitchen is as efficient as it can get.

Aside from offering great exhaust, the fan is vitality productive too as it works at a wattage of 35 watts. It offers a smooth winding and quiet activity. 

In any case, the main issue with this fan is the speed of activity. Similarly, it is by all accounts somewhat lingered behind right now simultaneously, it appears to repay this by high suction power. 

The Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe accompanies a 2-year maker’s warranty for any item glitches during the residency of the warranty.


  • White shading 
  • Straightforward structure 
  • 33 cm X 14.5 cm X 32 cm are ideal for a limit of 10 inch X 10 inch divider 
  • 35 watts wattage utilized 
  • Sturdy plastic 
  • 2 Years of producer’s warranty


  • Speed concerns

Havells 230mm Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan

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Havells 230mm Ventilair DSP Exhaust Fan

The following item on our rundown originates from Havells, a confided in a brand for home and kitchen machines in India. The Havells Ventilair DSP is a metal Exhaust Fan with a 230mm scope. 

It includes excellent metal sharp blades and a body that offers astounding execution. The three sharp blades, much the same as others help in uniform dispersion of the air every which way. 

With an air clearing size of 230 mm, it helps in better air conveyance. The vitality utilization of this gadget is around 400 watts of power which is most likely a worry in the event that you are on a shoestring power spending plan. 

In spite of the fact that the working rate of the fan is 1350 rpm, it is unfathomably quiet inactivity and gives an ideal wind stream to sucking out the air from inside. 

Additionally, it is quick in pushing it outside too on account of its 700 cubic meters for each moment suction power 

Weighing around 2.77 kgs this fan is anything but difficult to introduce. In the event that you need an exhaust fan from a rumored brand with blade highlights like elite motor, twitch free wavering, and unrivaled low voltage you can consider Havells Ventilair 130mm Roof Mounting Exhaust Fan (White), which is accessible at a somewhat more significant expense. 

The main disadvantage we find with this item is that it is unreasonably delayed for an exhausted fan. 

Generally speaking we are happy with the presentation of the item, it highlights three sharp blades, silent, working velocity of 1350 rpm.


  • Top-notch three sharp blades 
  • Clearing size of 230 mm 
  • Quiet innovation 
  • The working pace of 1350 rpm 
  • Air conveyance speed of 700 cubic meters for every moment


  • Low speed

Usha 200mm Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

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Usha 200mm Crisp Air Exhaust Fan

Usha is a notable brand in Indian families for quite a while now. The Crisp Air exhaust fan comes in with similar trust and quality that Usha has been bringing to the Indian Middle class families for ages. 

Good compared to other fans accessible in India at a moderate cost and presumably the main fan in the rundown that highlights programmed shade. Also, it is one of only a handful of barely any fans on the rundown that accompanies rust confirmation highlights and has a snazzy and smooth structure. 

First, let us talk about the programmed screen highlighted right now the back shades of the fan consequently, because of wind current at whatever point the fan is turned on. Despite the fact that the fan is made out of metal, the blades and the body is covered with rust powder painting which helps in the anticipation of the development of any sort of rust on it. 

With a broad size of around 200 mm and a motor speed of 1300 rpm, the fan helps in better air conveyance and suction along these lines giving better exhausts. 

Light in weight and silent inactivity, the fan is likewise vitality effective with a small utilization of just 40 watts in this manner having an exceptionally low effect on your power bill. 

The Usha fresh isn’t only accessible in the 200 mm variation yet additionally accessible in 150 mm variation and a standard 250 mm variation. 

Aside from the low quality of plastic, the Usha fresh performs well and is a good expansion to your washroom as an exhaust fan. Moreover, it accompanies a warranty for one year from the producer like others.


  • Clearing size of 200 mm 
  • Programmed screen 
  • Rust Proof body 
  • Lightweight fan
  • Silent fan
  • 1 Year producer’s warranty


  • Low quality plastic

Orpat 6 Inch exhaust Fan

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Orpat 6 Inch Exhaust Fan

The Orpat exhaust fan is a straightforward 6 X 6-inch fan that has a negligible vitality utilization plastic bladed pivotal fan. 

With a complete air clearance of 150 mm, the Orpat fan has a sleek structure, a plastic got confined like covering and a sharp blade with a slick and exceptional plan. The little blades help in the more honed cutting off air and along these lines encourage higher wind streams. 

Additionally, the fan has an internal breaker assurance. This assurance will ensure that on the occasions of high power of voltage floods, the fan doesn’t get harmed because of it. 

The motor of this exhaust fan cases of silence yet has a specific decibel commotion which, in a more extensive feeling, can be figured out how to overlook. 

Aside from that, the low air suction intensity of this fan is likewise a worry which one needs to take care of. Having said that, it ought to be called attention to this is one of the most reasonable fans in the whole rundown. On the off chance that your washroom is a little one, where you are only a group of 2 or 3, at that point this is an ideal buy. 

The Orpat exhaust fan accompanies a maker’s warranty of 1 year for any imperfections or breakdowns during the residency of the warranty.


  • The exceptional blade cut hub fan 
  • Strong plastic body with a perfect got plastic pen shutting 
  • Inward wire insurance against any abrupt voltage floods 
  • 6-inch size 
  • 150 mm clear 
  • 1-year producer’s warranty


  • Low suction power 
  • Has clamor issue

Bajaj 300MM Maxima Exhaust Fan

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Bajaj 300MM Maxima Exhaust Fan

Worked out of uncommon high evaluation plastic, this fan warranties a more drawn out life than the greater part of the fans right now. 

As a reference, it has a broad size of 300 mm and 5 sharp blades all of which vows to give better air conveyance and get out the bad odour of the restroom. 

To help this, the fan has a motor that runs at a speed of 1000 rpm at a pitiful power utilization of 55 watts. Yet, for bigger washrooms, this fan speed may not be a perfect fit which is somewhat of a minor let down of the fan. 

Aside from the 300 mm form, Bajaj’s maxima likewise have 150 and 200 mm clear variations valued diversely however works absolutely at a similar level as the 300 mm quality. 

Bajaj gives you a 2-year producer’s warranty for any item fabricating deformities or breaking down during the residency of the warranty.


  • Warranty of two years 
  • Clearing size of 300 
  • Uncommon evaluation of plastic 
  • Five quantities of blades 
  • 55 watts power


  • Low motor speed.


My approval with a basic structure, strong form quality, low power utilization, an incredible presentation, and a 2-year producer’s warranty, the Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm in our rundown of the top and best bathroom exhaust fans accessible in India.

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