7 Best Body Massagers In India With Price November 2020

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Often it can be very good to massage the body. It will decrease rigidity, soreness and tension and increase the body’s blood supply. Yet it is not possible for any of us to routinely attend massages or spas.

And that’s where a body massager arrives on stage. You can massage yourself with your own hand with the aid of a body massaging unit. No longer have to wait for support from others.

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A corporeal massager uses energy to manipulate a part of the system to vibrate at any frequency which preferably gives the body part a continuous yet soothing feeling. The vibration has the same result as a massage by the vibrator, except that the human component is absent. Any of these devices must be attached to a connector while others may use batteries. These are great for people in their tiring lives who need a simple fix of relief.

Different styles of body massage devices are required for a particular reason. Machines specifically designed for massaging any portion of the body. For example, devices for neck massages or other massages are used and do not provide the desired results if they are used in other fields.

How to pick an appropriate body massager for your requirements?

An electronic gadget you purchase is just a body massager to improve the level of comfort of your life. When we conclude that a body massager is just like every other electronic product, it should be treated like any electronic device during purchase.

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There are various elements to take into account in the procurement of this product, as each model has different specifications and features that meet the different needs of the consumers. It is always good to know all the things you purchase that allow you to know what you need and also to pick the system that is most compatible. We have therefore created the ultimate shopping guide to educate you on any aspect of your unit.

Regulator for Speed Intensity:

This functionality would come with most of the good body massagers. Using the function, the duration of the massage can be changed.

You will therefore tailor the message ‘space to your tastes. In general, the strength of 3 speeds is mild, medium and heavy on a decent body massager. Thus it can be very useful sometimes even though this isn’t a necessary function.

Techniques of body massage:

Different massage procedures are available. Everyone has their own advantages. More information on them is available here.

Technique of Shiatsu massage:

The term Shiatsu originated from Japan, meaning literally “Pressure Figure.” This is a procedure where the muscles and other body parts are subject to gentle strain. This will increase your blood pressure and loosen your muscles.

Technical kneading:

You can use kneading technique if your muscles are tight and you feel uncomfortable.

Technical Tapping:

It’s fast. As the name suggests, you tap on various areas of the body in this method. Depending on the condition the speed of tapping varies. You may also alter occasionally the speed of tapping. This is a nice choice to use when you switch from massage to massage.

Technical knocking:

It is used for muscle relaxation. You will do that by pushing the muscles again and again.

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It’s just the iceberg tip, now. Many such methods may be used for massage. But if the body massager is unable to do precise procedures, the issue will emerge. It is also a better option to provide a body massager with various types of massage.

Types Of Body Massagers

Massage vibration:

Any of them would have the vibration mode in them if you think of buying a hand-held massager. These portable massagers are also very useful and lightweight, so they are easy to store or put away when not in operation. You can pick a hand-held massager and massage the areas involved anytime you feel any pain, to give you relaxation and easy gratification.

Massagers infrarot:

For each form of dilemma, vivid massagers don’t work. People with cramps and/or pulled muscles will go to the infrared massages for longer than an ordinary period of time. These massagers come in different styles and sizes but are handled using the same infrarot process. The people aspire to urgent relief, and those massagers offer the same thing.

Massage acquisition:

Acupression is the art of physical pressure used to fix blocks of some kind. It is based on the notion of life force that is meant to flood through your body through the meridians. The acupressure massagers are particularly directed at the tension points of the foot, since it is the portion of the body that ends with all of the nerves on the body.


After you have sorted the kind of massager you want to get the form should be your next concern. In case of massage, the form decides the exact use of the substance. If you are interested in getting the most of the device you need to pick a massager with a shape that makes the features simpler. An ergonomic interface and a well-designed type to increase usability will be the best choice you can choose from the different choices provided for you.


Best a body massager is lightweight and small. You should take it easily with you in this way. And you can use it for a long time relative to a heavy one if the scale and weight are small.

Reputation for building efficiency & brand

High-quality fabrics can be designed for body massagers. The building standard should be of the highest quality. If it inadvertently slips from your side when using it, it will quickly break free. You can also purchase from a trustworthy brand your items.

Massaging the body isn’t that easy. So you have a lot of money to spare. As a result, you are wasting your money if you’re not going for a great quality Body Massager from a popular company.

Here’s The List Of The Best Body Massagers With Price

Body MassagersPrice (Approx)Buy Now
SONICTENS Advanced Ultrasound Body Massager13000 ApproxView On Amazon
Dr Physio Hammer Pro Electric Powerful Body Massager4000 ApproxView On Amazon
AGARO 33324 Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager2000 ApproxView On Amazon
Lifelong LL27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager999 ApproxView On Amazon
HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Body Massager1000 ApproxView On Amazon
Panasonic EV2510K Handheld Massager1000 ApproxView On Amazon
AGARO Majestic Body Massager950 ApproxView On Amazon

SONICTENS Advanced Ultrasound Body Massager

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SONICTENS Advanced Ultrasound Body Massager

Ultracare Pro is one of the finest brands in the manufacture of body massage, for pain management and body recovery in particular. This SONICTENS, as the name suggests, develops a special technology, through the application of ultrasonic (sonic) and electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapies.

Ultrasound treatment uses treatment with ultrasound waves that reach easily through the flesh, thus improving the movement of the tissues in the blood to alleviate the discomfort. Although TENS revives nerve pain by the release of electric shocks, they work together to raise the level of endorphin (natural painkiller for the body) and naturally curing the pain. As all these powerful technologies are combined.


  • The Sonictens are a state-of-the-art pain management device launched by Ultra Pro for the first time in India.
  • This is assisted by numerous functionalities such as body transmitting technology, automated power shutdown, surge safety and FDA & CE approved.
  • Naturally, it cures all manner of debilitating pain and nerve stress and is a solution for all causes of pain.
  • It is simple to transport and use anywhere, light, lightweight, secure, and waterproof.
  • Its ergonomic nature makes it simple to function at home and at hospitals with 3 operating modes, including Low (L-level) for acute pain, Medium (M) for severe, sub-acute and H-level for chronic pain.
  • Without TENS, but without ultrasonographic treatment, ultrasound therapy can effectively be used.


  • The body sensing function must be enhanced.
  • There is no cable-less use and only electric power can operate.
  • A bit of a costly product.

Dr Physio Hammer Pro Electric Powerful Body Massager

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Dr Physio Hammer Pro Electric Powerful Body Massager

In our opinion, we feel it is for the time being Indian ‘s best body massager. This is developed by the US company ‘Dr Physio.’ It has several useful characteristics.

For eg, it will calm your arms, calves, shoulders, foot, thighs and even your body back.

The portable design is used. It can then go anywhere your hands can go. Two versions of this large massager are available. Hammer Pro Golden is one, and Manipol Massager is another.

The Hammer Pro one features a few more appealing features than the Manipol. Hammer Pro is also more expensive than the Manipol model. Whatever you do, it would nevertheless be a positive decision for your part.


  • Reduced electricity use
  • Operation very quiet
  • The free Manipol Versatile Thermometer
  • Earth-fitted, too easy to navigate
  • Is guaranteed for one year
  • USA’s commodity


  • Cord length may be a little longer

AGARO 33324 Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

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AGARO 33324 Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

This massager has been sent to me by AGARO, one of the recently released AGARO portable full body massagers. And I test the consistency I have developed. It still performs well after 15 days of use.

The long handle is very easy to keep in hand, making it possible to hit any part of the body. Whether it’s lower back or back, the reach is fine.

It comes with a mesh covering on the massage head surface, this is a fantastic feature that avoids hair tangling.


  • Long ring grip for fast grip
  • After 15 minutes Massages auto shuts off
  • Directed computer and finger press button


  • Somewhat heavy to use longer. AGARO ATOM is suitable for lightweight versions. That’s short but light in weight.

Lifelong LL27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

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Lifelong LL27 Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Next on our list is the Lifetime brand handheld body massager renowned for outstanding performance, unmatchable style and outstanding quality products. We’ll address LLM27, which is known for its compactness, portability and high performance on the market, within their diverse product list.

Though thin, this body massager is nice enough to give the entire body a deep massage. This electronic body massager has 3 variable massage heads that give you a safe experience at home and create multiple massage results at different speeds.

The massage operation of the massage assists in alleviating muscle tension and pain, calming the body and reducing the fat tone in thighs, calves, abdomen, buttocks and chest. The massage vibration boosts the temperature of the muscle fibres , resulting in relaxation, and eventually increased blood supply.


  • Comes with three different massage heads with three different massage results
  • Relaxes and soothe muscles and improves the burning of fat
  • Compact and lightweight style
  • 1 year warranty guaranteed
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Uncompromising feature
  • Spa encounter Spa
  • Better production


  • The massager’s heavy weight could tug your arms.

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Body Massager

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HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 Electric Body Massager

HealthSense is a brand you can rely on for superior service and efficiency. The features and efficiency of the HM210 toner really caught our attention from their variety of items.

This portable percussion body massager is very light – making it long easy to use. It can be used in any part of the body to help with discomfort (excluding stomach, throat and arm). It also can be used to lose weight and to massage the scalp in addition to pain relief. Make sure the protective mesh cover is covered during head massage so the hair is not intertwined.


  • Copper powerful engine
  • Materials of ABS synthetic and TP
  • Knob speed controller
  • Extended string
  • Handle ergonomic
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Long life at work
  • 2 massage heads replaceable
  • Handle ergonomic
  • Portable and long lasting


  • A little noise epidemic.

Panasonic EV2510K Handheld Massager

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Panasonic EV2510K Handheld Massager

Often we purchase merchandise from a well-known company, but the price is a little higher than other alternatives. This method has no problem.

This is why the Panasonic EV2510 K Body Massager has been included on our list. Frankly, this product’s price is a little high.

But, instead of going from any unexplored, it is best to buy from a reputable and recognisable business. So, Panasonic has the latest for you if you want to buy the next body massager from a reliable company.

Nonetheless, this product ‘s architecture and production consistency are high quality. In addition, many beneficial features are offered. It would therefore be a perfect decision.


  • It comes with 2-years of warranty
  • Comes from Panasonic, the world’s most popular company


  • The price is much higher than most goods without branding.

AGARO Majestic Body Massager

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AGARO Majestic Body Massager

The equipment comes for different purposes of pain relief with 8 detachable massage heads. It calms the muscles of your foot, beef, shoulders, stomach, arms and back. Vibration also stimulates the body’s blood supply.

You can control the variable speed using the massager’s knob. The mesh of the cloth on the massager ‘s head stops the body from coming in touch with the massage.

It normalises your dolorous muscle due to incorrect sitting positions or the stiffness of your muscles. You will keep the body in shape with daily conditioning and body massage.

The business Agaro issues your 1 year warranty from the date of launch.


  • You should even take your exercise bag light and lightweight.
  • Do a profound message of tissue
  • Massage of the sensation to boost blood flow
  • 8-swap massage heads for a soothing experience
  • Variable pace energy efficient


  • It doesn’t car shut down in 15 minutes


When it comes to our options, we choose to buy an innovative pain reliever massager from Ultracare Pro Sonictens. This massager uses both TENS and ultrasound to help ease all forms of body discomfort and sorrow. 

SONICTENS is available in 3 modes, Low for acute pain, Moderate for severe and High for chronic pain, for modification and use in compliance with the pain level and location. It has a solid construction consistency and elegant finish and a natural replacement guarantee of 1 year.

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