5 Best Ceiling Fans In India With Price & Buying Guide August 2022

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Indians are known to be the largest consumer of fans in the world. Currently, Indians are the world’s largest consumers of ceiling fans. They consume almost 70% of the ceiling fans produced in the world. India is a country with an estimated population of over 1.2 billion people (the world’s second-largest). 

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So, there is no surprise that the demand for the best ceiling fans is extremely high. As per government reports, more than one million ceiling fans are sold in India every year.

In case you don’t know, ceiling fans help save electricity and also make your house cooler and more comfortable during hot summer seasons. In recent years, many online portals have been selling these products at highly discounted rates. 

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For example, Amazon has been offering discounts on their most popular brands including Havells, Orient, Usha and others with attractive offers on their products such as AC Fans, Non-AC Fans and LED Fans. 

Also, big brands such as Orient and Crompton Greaves have been offering free shipping on many of their products which makes them even more affordable for consumers to buy.

However, there are still many people who avoid investing in quality ceiling fans because they don’t trust these cheap products or they think no product can match the quality of expensive branded fans. 

But this isn’t true because there are some excellent quality budget ceiling fans available in India which not only match up to branded ones but also outperform them in some ways. 

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If you are planning to buy a new ceiling fan without burning a hole in your pocket then here is our list of the 5 best ceiling fans options available in India right now so that you can make an informed choice. We also make a buying guide that will help you to find the best ceiling fan for your house.

Here’s The List of The best Ceiling Fans in India with Price

Best Ceiling FansPrice (Approx)Buy Now
Havells Opus 1100mm Ceiling Fan30000View On Amazon
Orient Gold B-48 Best Ceiling Fan5200View On Amazon
Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan 1500View On Amazon
Usha Sticker Galaxy Ceiling Fan2500View On Amazon
Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan with Light6500View On Amazon

Havells Opus 1100mm Best Ceiling Fan (30000/-)

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Best Ceiling Fans

Havells Opus 1100mm Ceiling Fan is without a doubt one of the best budget fan options available right now under Rs. 30k range. It comes with a price tag of just Rs 30000 which is pretty affordable considering its features and performance. 

If you have limited space at home or want something portable then this fan is worth considering since it consumes less space and can be easily hung from anywhere at home thanks to its metal hook system. 

The overall design looks well built and it seems sturdy too so it will last longer even if you accidentally drop it once or twice (unlike other cheap plastic models). 

The overall build quality is comparable to premium brands like Orient which cost around Rs 20k but this model costs just Rs 30000 which makes it an excellent deal if you want something good but within your budget range. 

It comes with 3 speed settings and a light kit which can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally via remote control so you can set it according to your needs perfectly.  Overall this is one of the best ceiling fan with light in India.

Orient Gold B-48 Best Ceiling Fan (5200/-)

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Best Ceiling Fans

The Orient Gold B-48 Fan is one of the best ceiling fans available in India. 

It has a 48-inch blade span, weighs around 16 Pounds and comes with a remote control. 

It is very easy to install as it has a standard down rod. The design of the fan is very sleek and stylish with a black finish and gold blades. 

Orient is a company that has been making quality fans for decades now hence you can be sure that it will last for years to come. 

This fan also uses Madea’s latest technology i.e DTC (Digital Temperature Control) which allows you to change the speed of the fan between 3 different speeds with the help of the remote control. Overall this is one of the best ceiling fans in India.

The remote also has a timer function which can be used for up to 8 hours, however, you can also turn off the fan anytime before that using the switch on top of the fan.

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan (1500/-)

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Best Ceiling Fans

The Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan is another excellent ceiling fan from Orient with all the features you would want in a ceiling fan at an affordable price. It comes with 5 blades having a length of 48 inches and weighs around 13 Pounds. 

The blades are made of fiberglass and have a unique design which gives it an excellent look when turned on as well as when not in use.

 It uses Midea’s DTC technology for adjusting between 3 different speeds and comes with a remote control with which you can adjust these speeds to your preference or set them for different times at night so you do not have to get out of bed every time you want to change the speed or turn it off completely from your bed. 

The maximum speed of this fan is 1500 RPM which produces an air flow of about 5240 CFM which makes it perfect for large rooms and halls where more cooling is required as well as for drying clothes when placed directly in front of it near your washing machine or tumble dryer. 

You can also adjust the height of this fan using its standard down rod so that it is perfectly aligned with your head height when standing or sitting at your desk while working or watching television.

Usha Sticker Galaxy Ceiling Fan (2500/-)

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Best Ceiling Fans

The Usha Sticker Galaxy Ceiling Fan is the best ceiling fan in India. It has a very powerful motor of 80 watts that can cool any room of your house. 

The blades are made of ABS plastic and are very strong and durable. It produces about 385 rpm for better cooling. 

This fan comes with a warranty of 2 years. One advantage of this fan is its lightweight and easy installation.

Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan with Light (6500/-)

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Best Ceiling Fans

The Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan with Light is the best ceiling fan in India as it features 3 speed settings to switch between high, medium and low speeds to suit individual needs. 

It has just 57 watts power consumption so you can see how energy efficient it is. This ceiling fan has about 4800 rpm speed which makes it super fast and one of the most powerful fans available in the Indian market. 

It comes with a remote control which makes changing speeds and switching on/off a breeze. This is definitely one of the best ceiling fans in India you can buy right now. Overall this is one of the best budget ceiling fans with light in India.

Best Ceiling Fans In India: Buying Guide

Follow these steps to buy the best ceiling fan for your home:

Decide on a style

In India, the most common blades are wood and fiberglass blades. The former is classy and the latter is a good-looking choice. Other options include bamboo, aluminum and acrylic blades but they are rare.

Whichever style you choose, make sure that it complements the decor of your home. Also, consider other factors like the number of blades, blade length, blade pitch (the angle between the blade and the axis), blade width, blade material (wood vs. fiberglass) and blade finish. Some blades can be reversible so they can be used in both directions.

Check the aesthetics

When you flip through ceiling fan catalogs or websites, you will see that some fans are more beautiful than others. Remember that just because a fan has great features or specifications, it does not mean that it will look good in your home. 

If you are buying online, find a trusted seller who will give you a refund if you are unhappy with the product’s looks after it is installed in your home. 

When buying from a retailer, take a look at the fan before making the purchase decision to ensure that it blends well with your decor. Some stores even install fans for free if you buy them there.

Check the warranty

A good ceiling fan should come with a long manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you a sense of security in case something goes wrong with the fan. 

If you are buying a branded product, its warranty will be better than that of a non-branded model. However, if you are buying an expensive fan, and it comes with a three-year or five-year warranty, you can be sure that it is a quality fan.

Consider the features

Basic fans do not have features like remote control, timers, variable speeds, light kits, etc. While some of these features are not essential, they can be useful if you want your fan to be a multi-functional appliance. 

On the other hand, if you want a simple yet elegant ceiling fan with no features (just a basic fan), you can go for a non-branded model which will save you money.

Check the weight and size

If you are going for an expensive fan with many features, it should be lightweight and small enough to fit into your home’s space. 

Otherwise, it will look out of place. Also ensure that the blades are smaller or equal in size to the available space in your room so that they don’t look disproportionate or awkward in your room.

Check the wattage:

The higher the wattage, the more powerful the fan. However, a high-wattage fan will consume more energy and create more noise than a low-wattage fan. 

This is why it’s important to consider the size of your room before you decide on which wattage to buy. If you have a large room, choose a high wattage fan. 

For example, if you have a 13×13 room, you should get a ceiling fan with at least 200 watts (or more) because a fan with 100 watts will not be enough for such a large room.

Check the blade pitch:

Ceiling fans come with different blade pitches depending on their size and power requirements. A good rule of thumb is that the larger or more powerful the fan, the steeper its pitch will be. 

The steeper the pitch, the greater air movement you will get from your ceiling fan. You can also find fans with reversible blades which means that they can be used in both directions (high speed and low speed). 

A reversible fan may not give you the best airflow but it is cheaper than two separate fans installed in opposite corners of your room or home.

Best Ceiling fans in India: FAQ

What are the different types of ceiling fans available in India?

The Three Blade Ceiling Fan:

The Traditional Three Blade Ceiling Fan: This fan is your average looking fan with 3 blades and an attached motor and a glass light cover at the top. This fan is usually bolted to the ceiling and can be used to circulate air in a room with low ceilings or you can opt for a remote controlled one. These ceiling fans are quite affordable and are easily available in the market.

The Five Blade Ceiling Fan: 

This fan has five blades, unlike the traditional 3 blade ceiling fan, which is usually more expensive and is also more effective at circulating air in a room as it has wider spaces between the blades where air can flow through freely.

These fans are also attached to a motor that helps circulate air in all directions, unlike the traditional 3 blade ceiling fan that has only one direction of airflow. 

These fans are quite popular among people who need to cool their rooms quickly as this model works on the principle of blowing air rather than sucking it like other models of fans do.

The Six Blade Ceiling Fan: 

This model is similar to the 5 blade ceiling fan but has 6 blades instead of 5, making it even more effective at cooling large rooms than its 5 bladed counterparts. The six-blade fan can cool large areas like ballrooms, auditoriums, etc., thus making it extremely effective at what it does.

However, these fans cost much higher than the traditional three or five-blade ceiling fans as they have higher RPM and wider spaces between each blade for better air circulation which makes them much more efficient at what they do than their counterparts but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get an affordable six blade ceiling fan if you go for brands like Bajaj or Crompton as these brands offer quality products at affordable prices as well.

Which of these types of ceiling fans should I buy?

That really depends on your specific requirements from your new ceiling fan but if you are looking for an effective, long lasting option then going for a Crompton or Bajaj branded six blade fan would be your best bet because they are quite affordable and offer great value for money but if you want something that looks quite elegant yet will not cost you more than Rs 4000 then you should go for a Bajaj brand three or five blade model as these fans offer great value for money too..

What size ceiling fan should I buy?

When buying a ceiling fan, it is important to determine how big your room is and how much space there is to circulate air in the room. 

You can use these two measurements to determine which size of fan you should purchase and whether or not a large or small size will fit into your home.

How much does a ceiling fan cost?

The price of a ceiling fan varies greatly depending on where you purchase it from, what type of brand it is and its size as well as features and warranties associated with each model. 

Therefore, comparing prices between different stores before purchasing one in order to get one at the cheapest price possible will ensure that you get value for money and don’t pay too much for an expensive product that offers little value for money if cheap models are available at cheaper prices elsewhere as well as providing similar functionality as well as features/benefits offered by more expensive products

What is a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is a special type of fan that is designed to be installed right above the ceiling. The blades of the fan are usually positioned at different angles to allow for more air to be pushed and circulated around the room.

How do ceiling fans work?

The blades of the ceiling fans are made of special materials that are designed to be lightweight but also sturdy. 

These blades are able to move at a high speed with the help of an electric motor that is attached to them. 

The motor will turn the blades around a few times every minute, which in turn creates enough airflow that can keep you cool during hot summer days.

Is it safe to install ceiling fans?

Yes, installing a ceiling fan in your home should be safe as long as you choose one that is well built and comes from a good brand. 

However, you should always hire a professional installer who knows how to set up and wire ceiling fans properly. He or she will also make sure that you get a quality product that will last for many years without any problems.


Ceiling Fans are an essential part of any home whether it is in India or any other part of the world because they help keep us cool during hot summers while also providing us with some sort of ventilation during winters.

So if you have been thinking about buying one then we hope this article helped you with your decision-making process because we have listed some of our favorite models from some of our favorite brands so feel free to purchase anyone from our list as they come highly recommended by us.

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