5 Best Center Tables with Purchasing Guide December 2022

A center table is a small, low-lying table that is typically put alongside a couch or a seat. It can have a wide assortment of employments – to put espresso or tea (according to its name), books, papers, magazines or even enriching things like a container of blossoms. 

Center tables come in all shapes and sizes, from round and oval to rectangular or square. They can be lightweight and made of solid plastic or made up of the heavier yet increasingly exquisite Sheesham or mahogany woods that add to the stylistic theme of your room. 

Be that as it may, picking an incredible center table could be unwieldy as you are assaulted with a lot of alternatives. No one can tell which one of those alternatives is authentic while which one is a sham. In any case, fortunate for you, we are here to help. 

Contingent upon your prerequisites here is a basic manual to assist you with picking the correct center table for your place. 

Purchasing Guide For The Best Center Table 

The way of picking an ideal center table is 3 things. Style, Quality, and Size. In any case, aside from those, there is a wide scope of other significant elements. You don’t have to think about what they are really going after have chosen to assist you with a trip with exactly the same. Prior to picking any center table, you have to ask yourselves a couple of significant inquiries. Beneath recorded are the top and principle significant variables that contribute to you picking the correct center table. 

Position of the Table 

Center tables are most importantly, vibe instruments. For you to purchase an incredible center table, you have to initially consider where precisely are you going to put this household product. Prior to settling on the style, pick the spot. For example, If it’s the drawing space for visitors, you can search for a proper center table with a glass top. A parlor could manage with a more grounded and progressively sturdy plastic or wooden table with an extra rack for additional capacity. Glass tables are less cumbersome and simple to clean. Wooden tables are heavier however add a bit of class to the room alongside the furnishings. Plastic tables are multifunctional and can be utilized both inside just as outside. 

When you’ve settled on the room, the following inquiry that emerges is the place in the room you might want to put it. 

On the off chance that it’s a small room, at that point pick an oval or rectangular center table which spares space. Bigger and progressively roomy rooms are centered for square and adjust center tables. In the event that youngsters are near, it is constantly prescribed to select either an oval or round table with no sharp edges. 

Length and Height of the Table 

In spite of the fact that this may change as per your prerequisites and room, a perfect center table for the family room would be a limit of 66% of the greater couch’s length, not more, with very nearly 2 feet of room between the table and the couch. It very well may be either lesser in tallness than the couch or equivalent to it, however, it shouldn’t be at a more elevated level than the seating. 

The equivalent goes for square formed tables as well. It ought not to be excessively high. Especially measured center tables are frequently knee length. 

Discussing the run of the mill garden tea/center tables, the need can be somewhat greater in stature. This is so in light of the fact that the seats utilized in the nursery are somewhat higher than those of the couches. 

Style Statement of your Room and Place 

An espresso thing’s essential obligation is to liven up your living space. This assumes up the liability to light up your drawing room, or a front room or any place you are setting the table. 

In the event that you are somebody who likes retro-styled, go for wood or darker shaded basic styles. In the event that you are a piece hippy naturally, go for mosaic plans. A basic tripod styled table will never leave design. 

Extra room 

You see that major teapoy styled center tables accompany an extra room underneath of their tabletop. Either that or a cabinet based extra rooms. For smaller homes, pick something that can be shut storage. Inferable from the relatively lower living space, this will give you the space you have to store away and shroud a couple of misc things. 

For greater homes and for garden center tables, you need not go for a shut quarter style. Go for basic and open rack stockpiling separated center tables. This will give you plentiful space to place and store your daily papers or books that you plan on pursuing while on the small outing to the terrace. 

Materials Used 

Center tables are made out of either plastic, steel, wood, or glass. Contingent upon your environment, evaluating up centering plan and your moving profile’s necessities, pick one. 

Wood: Center tables made out of wood are retro, solid, and tough in nature. A wooden center table frequently shouts of permanency. In a couple of societies, it is likewise viewed as that gifting a wooden household product demonstrates a potential changeless holding with the individual. 

In the event that your home or environment has a retro look and feel, go for wooden tables. They might be costly, however, they have a longer life. 

Plastic: Plastic tables are the most financial of all. They are light in weight and effectively compact starting with one spot then onto the next. Aside from that, they additionally come in different shapes, colors, and styles. An ideal pick for up centering couples, small families, single guys, and old maids. Be that as it may, the main con to this would be the low nature of the material. Consequently, pick from a confided in an organization that secures your buy with a warranty. 

Metal: There isn’t a lot to discuss metal tables as there are very few who incline toward a metal center table nowadays. Metal tables are sturdy and solid. They cost not all that much yet aren’t modest. Another issue with metal tables is there are very small styles and plans accessible. Perfect for government and other such retro-styled office spaces 

Glass: Glass center tables are notorious for their breakage. However, they are frequently moderate and have the absolute most magnificent structures. They are somewhat costly (on the scope of wood tables). Ideal for very good quality family units and nursery and lawns. 

Extra Functionalities and Uses 

Do you simply require a level tabletop for fundamental use? Or on the other hand, would an extra cabinet or rack be progressively helpful to store things? In the event that the center table you are purchasing is generally light in weight (not made of substantial wood), it is smarter to get one that has wheels for simple versatility.

Here’s The List Of The Best Center Tables

Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table and 4 Stools
Cello Oasis Ice Brown Center Table
DeckUp Siena Wenge, Matte Finish Coffee Table
DecorNation Lawanya Brown Set of 2 nesting table 
Bluewud Osnale Wenge, Rectangular Coffee Table

Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table and 4 Stools

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Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood Coffee Table And 4 Stools best center table

The table itself has a marginally higher measurement check of 85 cm x 44cm x 85 cm (2 ft 9 in x 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 9 in) (Width x Height x Depth). This is somewhat higher than the tables with the goal that the tables can without much of a stretch be slid under the table to make an ideal box-like structure. Looks great! 

The best part about the table is the 3 diverse wood variations and 3 pad shading variations it is accessible in. While Walnut, Natural Teak finish, and Espresso finish are the two wood completes, the pads of the table are accessible in cream, red and dim hued wraps up. Actually, we lean toward the center finish with the cream pads. 


  • Rich Finish is accessible in Walnut, Espresso, and Teak wood wraps up. 
  • 4 seats with perfectly delicate pads in 3 distinct hues (cream, dim and splintered red) 
  • Measurements are W x H x D= 85 cm x 44cm x 85 cm (2 ft 9 in x 1 ft 5 in x 2 ft 9 in) 
  • Durable and solid form quality 
  • Wide and roomy use region 
  • Makes for the ideal stylistic layout for lounges


  • No warranty 
  • Should be cautious with water or moistness 

Cello Oasis Ice Brown Center Table

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Cello Oasis Ice Brown best Center Table

Made of polypropylene, the Cello Oasis has four stable legs and the rack at the base is ideal for the capacity of papers, significant books or papers. Light in weight, consumption safe and simple to keep up, this four-seater center table is an incentive for cash and above all, financially estimated. 

The Cello Oasis Four Seater Center Table is strong, effectively compact, and rich in looks as well. This prudent table accompanies a warranty of 1 year on assembling surrenderers. 


  • Made of lightweight, erosion safe polypropylene 
  • Waterproof; simple to clean and keep up 
  • Additional base rack for extra stockpiling 
  • Accessible in 3 unique hues 
  • Can be utilized both inside and outside 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Fundamental gathering required 
  • Doesn’t have wheels 
  • Not as solid and tough form as a wooden table 

DeckUp Siena Wenge, Matte Finish Coffee Table

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DeckUp Siena Wenge, Matte Finish Coffee Table best center table

The components of this center table are 35.4 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches (Length x Height x Depth) Assembled, the product may look somewhat short however is an ideal fit for the lounge, lobby, and drawing rooms. The product doesn’t accompany any producer’s warranty in any case, the financial evaluation of the product makes it an ideal go for its arrangement. 

Made out of top-notch designed wood, the center table is shading overlaid to give a smooth and dark matte layer finish to the top layer. It comes in 3 darker shadings that completes one being dull wenge, one is pecan dark-colored and another is wenge with a matte completion


  • Sleek and Mosaic plan 
  • Abundant extra room because of the 6 compartment racks 
  • Great quality Engineered wood 
  • Matte completion 
  • Accessible in 3 diverse shading ranges (dull wenge, matte completion wenge, and pecan darker) 
  • An ideal incentive for cash 


  • No warranty 
  • A wood-based DIY get together could be somewhat hard for laymen

DecorNation Lawanya Brown Set of 2 nesting table

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DecorNation Lawanya Brown Set of 2 nesting table best center tble

Principally, these tables are a lot of 2 stackable center tables. There are two tables, one is the huge one while the other one is medium-sized. That implies that you can put it one over the other when not being used. The edges of the table are easily bent which makes it non-risky to put around kids as well. 

For the components of the table, the huge table is about 21.9″x21.9″x17.8I” Inches and with respect to the medium table, it is 17.3×17.3×16.7 inches. The product is dispatched unassembled and needs some self-get together yet this is one of the least demanding self-get together tables there is on the rundown. A DIY Manual that accompanies the bundling will assist you with amassing the table for yourselves. 


  • It comes in two hues. Wenge dark-colored with a matte completion or deco light white and dark legs. 
  • Disentangled DIY Assembly 
  • Light in weight and unimaginably versatile 
  • Triangle molded plan with smooth edges 
  • Flawless completion


  • No warranty 
  • Could improve the tabletop wood quality

Bluewud Osnale Wenge, Rectangular Coffee Table

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Bluewud Osnale Wenge, Rectangular Coffee Table best center table

This product will come un-gathered and you would need to collect it without anyone else’s input. Fortunately for you, a DIY manual accompanies the bundling however one needn’t bother with it. Nearly anybody can gather the product inside just about 15 minutes whenever done right. 

The strong styling of its structure is commonly found in any center or upper-working class lobbies, family rooms, or drawing rooms. 

Superbly extensive enough to be set at the inside and can be encompassed by couches or rockers and even with typical enormous seats. The components of this table are 39 x23.2 x 16.1 inches (L x W x H).


  • Straightforward and retro plan, look and feel 
  • Espresso darker shading with a perfect completion 
  • Abundant measures of tabletop space 
  • Extraordinary and conservative stockpiling rack at the base of the table 
  • Perfect for each kind of family 
  • Monetary product 
  • Light in weight 
  • It requires collecting and should be possible quickly by anybody. 
  • 1-year maker’s warranty 


  • Gets somewhat unbalanced when setting with a lot of weight.


With a prevalent woodcut finish, rich shading accessibility, solid and tough body, and financial estimating, the Hariom Handicraft Sheesham Wood center Table succeeds our rundown of the best center tables in India. While that was our rundown, we might want to tune in to your picks. 

Did we miss anything? If you don’t mind don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us in the remarks area beneath and our group of specialists will reply to you without further ado.

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