5 Best Coffee Roasters In India December 2022 With Price

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How To Roast Your Own Coffee At Home?

There might have been a few times, where you would have thought how cafes roast their coffee beans? Or is it possible to roast them at home? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just roast your favorite coffee at home? There would be no more waiting-in-line and no more telling what coffee you want and how you want it. 

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And, if you are thinking that roasting your coffee at home might be difficult or very time consuming, it’s not like that. The process is very simple! Just by following these simple steps provided in this article you can have your hand-roasted coffee at home. 

Step 1. Buy Unroasted Green Beans

Before you go out and buy raw beans from the market, make sure that you buy two pounds of unroasted coffee beans which will yield one pound of roasted beans. 

Your unroasted coffee beans are green in color (don’t you start tasting it, they are solid as a rock and you might end up having a cracked tooth). You always have the option of contacting your local coffee place and see if they have raw beans, otherwise, you can always buy from online stores. 

It’s very important to choose a flavor before you buy unroasted beans. And remember, when roasted these beans tend to increase in size and lose about half their weight. So, it’s better to buy more because after roasting, you’ll end up with half of what you purchased at the start. 

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Step 2. Necessary Equipment, Ready!

Now, after purchasing raw coffee beans, it’s time to gather round the required equipment that you will use to roast the beans. If you are thinking you might need some big machine or something like that, don’t worry about it. For making a small batch at home, all you need is a popcorn popper. Our objective is to heat the beans and the popcorn popper will help you with that. 

If you don’t have a popcorn popper at home, you could also use tools like a cast-iron skillet, whirley pop, and metal mixing bowl, and a heat gun for roasting your coffee beans. 

And make sure, you have extra metal bowls, a pair of gloves or oven mitts, and a wooden spoon for stirring the coffee beans ready and near you, while you are roasting the beans.

Step 3. Let’s Roast!

Now, when you have purchased raw beans and have tools ready, it’s time to roast the beans. But how do you know if beans are roasted and ready? Just keep an ear on the sound of “first crack” which sounds similar to popcorn popping. The sound means your coffee is ready!

So, when you are roasting coffee beans, you might see the beans changing their color from green to yellow in the beginning, and then eventually turning to light brown. You might also see chaff ( a.k.a by the professionals, the husk of the raw bean) rising, which would fade on its own. And if you are using any other equipment instead of a popcorn popper, you can simply blow it off. 

The best part of roasting your coffee at home is that you are in control of how you want your coffee to be. How bold or how dark you want, it all depends on you. 

Step 4. Don’t Wait For Too Long

It’s a very common misconception among coffee lovers, the darker the roast, the more caffeine quantity in the cup. Which isn’t true at all. Instead, it’s the other way around. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine you get. 

If you like your coffee prepared from lightly roasted beans, then when you see your beans turn light brown, you’ll want to stop roasting the beans any further. But if you prefer darker, keep roasting it for a few more minutes until your beans start looking like Viennese or French roast. Just don’t do it too much, otherwise, the beans won’t be coffee beans but charcoal, and you don’t want to drink that, like ever!

Step 5. Take a break

Once you are satisfied with the roasting level, remove the beans and let them cool off. It’s entirely up to you, either you can use a cookie sheet or place them between two metal strainers. But be very careful because the beans will be crazy hot (it’s around 356-degree Fahrenheit when beans start to pop up), so make sure you have your gloves on and your face away from it as far as possible for your neck.

Step 6. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe In…

To achieve the ultimate freshness, you should brew your coffee within five days. 

Now, it’s time for both you and roasted coffee beans to take a break. Once the beans are cooled off, you transfer them to an airtight container. But don’t seal the lid tightly for a day or two because the beans leave carbon dioxide from them and you can end up exploding the entire batch before you could even taste them. 

We hope you might have got the gist of how to roast your coffee at home in this article. If you have any kind of queries, please let us know in the comments and we will try to solve them at the earliest. 

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