5 Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTubers December 2022

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YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for uploading popular media content. While different YouTubers have different ways to represent their talents, they all have one thing in common – a great video editing software.

Think about it; before people judge your content, they judge how it is presented. A creative mind, and a stunning display can work wonders for aspiring YouTubers. So where exactly do we find such video editing software? 

We understand that you might not be able to spend any money on video editing software. That is why the following article will tell you about the 5 best free video editing software for YouTubers in 2020.

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Here’s the List of The Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTubers

Filmora Video Editors
Windows Movie Maker

Filmora Video Editor Best Video Editing Software

If you have tried to research the subject, you would be well aware of Filmora by now. It complements well with your creative outlet and harbors a large variety of visual effects. It makes transitions from one part of the video to another appear really good, and also has many sound effects and filters.

Filmora is a powerful tool and will prove to be efficient while editing videos. Some special features are: 

  1. Color correction features available.
  2. Background replaceable using green screen.
  3. Features like the PIP effect helps in overlaying more than one video.
  4. The output options available help you to directly upload videos to YouTube.

iMovie Best Video Editing Software

This software is for Mac users. The free video editing software enables the user to perform a large variety of operations in a simple manner. Moreover, it also makes importing and uploading videos very easy. The user-friendly nature of this application makes it one of the top video editing software of the time.

Some of the great features:

              i.) Great interface, very easy to use.

              ii.) A large number of complex editing effects and features.

              iii.) Can add soundtracks and effects using a simple drag and drop feature.

              iv.) Allows uploading videos online directly.

Lightworks Best Video Editing Software

Lightworks has been on the internet market for a long time, and it has managed to retain its position on the top. Although the pro version is costly, the free version is more than enough for YouTubers to create aesthetic content.

Some of the distinctive features of the free version include high precision video trimming, Multicam features, and compatibility with a wider range of video formats. The only downside is that the 4K video support system is available in the paid, pro version of the software.

Windows Movie Maker Best Video Editing Software

If too many complex options intimidate you, and you are looking for something simple, this is the application you are looking for. Windows movie maker is the perfect blend of simplicity and performance. It has many options to customize video and add a variety of effects and filters.

Some of the best features include:

  1. Easy for beginners to use.
  2. It is also a great tool to make photo slide shows.
  3. It is very easily available on the internet.

Blender Best Video Editing Software

Blender is one of the most advanced and compatible video editing software on the market today. Moreover, it is an open-source application and anyone in the world can use it for free. And boy, does it contain some of the best video editing features there are to be used!

Some of the key features that it packs are chroma vectorscope, luna waveform, audio syncing and mixing, and histogram displays. Moreover, it also contains a 3D animation suite for those who need it.

In brief, the article features the best available video editing software that can fulfill the requirements of any YouTuber. Some of the software mentioned above might have premium versions, but their free versions, albeit containing lesser features, are just as good.

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