5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide August 2022

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With way of life illnesses on the ascent, India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. Alongside way of life changes, standard checking of your blood glucose levels is basic to control diabetes. Testing turns out to be much more basic for those taking insulin or different diabetes prescriptions. A best glucometer gives mistaken test results as well as exacerbate your diabetes as the treatment relies upon the glucose levels. Hence, putting resources into a Best Glucometers turns out to be exceptionally critical.

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In any case, with countless brands and gadgets on the lookout, it gets testing to choose the Best Glucometers for yourself. Thus, to make the choice cycle less difficult for you, we have deliberately made a purchaser’s guide and furthermore assessed probably the best glucometers in the Indian market. We attempted to make our survey as complete as conceivable by doing appropriate market assessment and by considering the highlights of various Best Glucometers in detail.

Here’s The List Of The Best Glucometers

GlucometersBlood DropsAudio MonitorMemoryBuy Now
Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitor1 DropNoYesView On Amazon
Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitor1 DropYesYesView On Amazon
Accu-Chek Instant S Blood Glucose Meter1 DropNoYesView On Amazon
BeatO Smartphone Simple Blood Glucose Meter1 DropYesYesView On Amazon
OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor1 DropNoYesView On Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Glucometer

There are sure factors that you have to consider while you intend to purchase the Best Glucometers or Glucose testing machine. In this part, we have covered every single such factor so you can locate the best machine for yourself which will address every one of your issues. Let us currently view these subtleties. 

1. Pre Meal and Post Meal 

The sugar perusing when the feast can change to a great extent and in such a case, it truly bodes well to purchase the

The sugar perusing when the feast can change to a great extent and in such a case, it truly bodes well to purchase the

The sugar perusing when the feast can change to a great extent and in such a case, it truly bodes well to purchase the best glucometers that can label the perusing and measure it in like manner. This is unquestionably one of the most wanted highlights in a glucometer. 

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2. Movability 

You have to comprehend the way that you should go with your glucometer to oversee diabetes. This implies that the best glucometers should be truly versatile and a convey case should be incorporated as a piece of standard gear. This would warranty that you can gauge your sugar levels in a hurry. You can even pick the machines that can be associated with cell phones to give you the perusing. 

3. Cost 

This is another factor that you have to consider while you are buying the glucometer. For the first time ever, you can disregard the expense of the machine since that is a one-time speculation however you have to represent the expense of test strips since that would be a common cost for you. Purchase the glucometer which has reasonable and modest glucometer test strips. 

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4. Coding 

The following interesting point is the coding mode. At whatever point you purchase another pack of the Glucometer test strips, you should code the subtleties into the machine with the goal that it auto-adjusts itself. To maintain a strategic distance from this issue, you can decide on a machine that accompanies an auto-coding office for you. 

5. Memory Function 

The following interesting point while purchasing a glucometer is the memory work. Buy the glucometer which has memory work as that can help you in breaking down the pattern. You can even select a machine that moves the information to your PC as this would help you in getting a drawn out examination point. 

6. Test Time 

The test season of the machine should be low. Long test time may prompt mistakes and this is absolutely not a positive condition to be in. Check off the test time and preferably, the vast majority of the machines make some test memories of 5 seconds which is an adequate model. 

7. Warning 

You can likewise purchase a machine that tells you in the event of high, low or high sugar levels. This is an extraordinary element for the older as they would not need to recall the ideal perusing for themselves. They would not need to open the graph over and over by the same token. 

Checking for the warnings is a lot simpler to warranty that this is an absolute necessity. A portion of the machines may have a beeper while others may likewise have a LED warning. 

8. Different Features 

You can likewise check for different highlights that are a piece of the machine. For instance, some best glucometers have a component to auto-discharge the test strip so you don’t need to contact them while another element that is found in the glucometer is the warning alarm for the presence of ketones. It is again another element that the majority of individuals lean toward having in their machines. 

9. Warranty

Check for the warranty that accompanies the machine as the organization will supplant your machine if there should be an occurrence of any issue on the off chance that it is covered under guarantee. Normally, organizations offer a lifetime warranty in India for the glucometer yet there are some dependable brands that offer a warranty of 1 year or 5 years. You can think of them as both however don’t buy the ones which are not covered under guarantee. 

10. Protection Cover 

In conclusion, a portion of the protection covers offer your repayments for the cash that is spent on the machine and test strips. 

Check if your medical coverage covers any of the machines and in the event that it does, at that point it is smarter to settle on a machine that is covered under protection.

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitor

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Best Glucometers

Accu-Chek is one of the most trusted and legitimate brands with regards to blood glucose checking. It even fulfills the ISO principles with regards to exactness. The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter unit, made by Roche Diabetes Care is additionally one of the most dependable gadgets from their wide scope of blood glucose meter packs. 

Accu-Chek Active is a minimal and simple to utilize gadget, which is stacked with awesome highlights. Its little size makes dealing with simple and furthermore makes it a movement neighborly choice. 

The glucometer requires no coding, which makes the gadget more exact and agreeable to utilize. The no coding highlight limits the danger of blunders coming about because of a miscode. 

For simplicity of activity, it additionally accompanies two-button instinctive dealing with, i.e., there are two fastens, a Set catch “S” and a Memory button “M”. The Set catch lets you fix the time and date on the gadget when utilizing it unexpectedly. Then again, the Memory button permits you to store the test and brings about the machine for better following. The gadget can stockpile to 500 test outcomes. 

It can likewise show the normal of your test readings for up to seven, fourteen, thirty, or even ninety days. The in-manufactured USB port permits you to associate the gadget with your telephone or PC and move these spared test readings to your PCP for more nitty gritty investigation and better treatment. 

The glucometer additionally accompanies a spearing gadget, ten sterile lancets, and ten test strips for observing the blood glucose levels. The gadget requires a blood test size of 1-2 µL and can show test results inside five seconds, making it a speedy plan. The gadget can quantify the blood glucose levels going from a low 10 mg/dL to a high 600 mg/dL. 

The striking feature of the glucose meter is its 8 seconds re-portion choice element. It permits you to re-portion the strip inside eight to ten seconds, on the off chance that the blood drawn onto the strip was lacking to record a perusing. This forestalls pointless pricking and furthermore maintains a strategic distance from the wastage of the test strips. 

The LCD show screen is sufficiently enormous, and the numbers are effectively lucid, so you don’t need to strain your eyes to peruse the test outcome. Likewise, it accompanies a visual-twofold check highlight, which permits you to check your outcomes twice. You can even match the shading code to be warrantyd of the precision of your test outcomes. 

Furthermore, the Accu-Chek Active glucometer likewise gives you a sound and a visual postprandial update, which makes you aware of the test following two hours of eating. It additionally has a pre and post-supper hailing or checking framework that makes it advantageous for you to effectively arrange the test results when a dinner. 

Ultimately, the Accu-Chek Active glucometer likewise accompanies the producer’s warranty of ten years and a free lifetime warranty on the meter. This is the additional bit of leeway that joins other high-performing highlights.

Specifications of Accu-Chek Active glucometer

Blood Sample Size1.5 microliter
Test Time5-Seconds
Number of Lancets10
Number of Test Strips10
Automatic CodingY
Memory500 test
Warranty10 years
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • USB data transfer feature
  • Quite accurate
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • A bit expensive
  • It’s not a rechargeable glucometer

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitor

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Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitor

Bayer’s Contour Plus One blood glucose checking meter is one of the most precise glucometers out on the lookout. It even outperforms the ISO exactness guidelines both in the lab arrangement and the purchaser preliminaries. Along these lines making it one of the most dependable glucometers for checking your blood glucose levels. It even deals with the no coding innovation that further lets down the danger of mistakes because of a miscode. 

Shape Plus One is a simple to utilize glucometer with no confounded tasks or fastens on the showcase screen. The single catch gave comes the all over ring keypad that makes utilization considerably more advantageous. The computerized show is enormous and the test brings about a decipherable textual style and huge measured numbers. The keen light component or the light sign framework on the gadget cautions the patients on the fundamentally high and low glucose levels. This settles on a favored decision of the clients. 

Additionally, the meter can give test readings inside five seconds and requires a blood test size of simply 0.5 mg/dl. The additional opportunity inspecting rule permits the patients to be extra secure with the test results as it lets them check again inside a sixty seconds window. It forestalls difficult pricking for the subsequent time and even gets rid of any wastage of the test strips. Additionally, the glucometer unit incorporates a spearing gadget, five lancets and 25 viable test strips, subsequently making it a total bundle. The test strips are fine activity strips that are intended to suck in even a little drop of blood. These are superior to the standard strips utilized. 

The brand accompanies its own Contour Diabetes App to which the gadget can be associated with through Bluetooth emotionally supportive network. The application is easy to understand and even lets you add updates and timetable your meetings with the specialist. It can likewise record your blood glucose test readings. The gadget has a capacity memory of up to 800 tests, and the meter permits you to see the normal of your test consequences of up to 7, 14, 30, and even 90 days. Further, you can likewise acquire a lifetime warranty on the meter after enlistment with the organization. 

Specifications of Contour Plus Glucometer

Blood Sample Size0.5 mg/dl
Test Time5-Seconds
Number of Lancets5
Number of Test Strips25
Automatic CodingY
Memory800 test
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • Profoundly exact, both in the lab and purchaser preliminaries (surpasses ISO exactness norms) 
  • Snappy test season of five seconds 
  • Additional opportunity inspecting rule inside a 60 seconds window 
  • Sync to an application by means of Bluetooth emotionally supportive network 
  • Memory stockpiling of up to 800 test outcomes 
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • Test strips are minimal costly 
  • It isn’t battery-powered

Accu-Chek Instant S Blood Glucose Meter

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Accu-Chek Instant S Blood Glucose Meter

Accu-Chek glucometer which assists with observing glucose levels quick and easily. It is one of the most mainstream and most noteworthy selling glucometer in India that is accessible at nice costs. 

Contrasted with others, it is reasonable just for self-testing and gives exact outcomes in only 4 seconds. 

This superb gadget accompanies a pack of 10 test strips to decide the blood glucose levels. Also, for testing, embed a test strip into the meter, prick your finger with lancet and apply a drop of blood. The readings will presently be shown on screen inside 4seconds. It even permits clients to test the blood by setting the example on strip in the glucometer. 

This glucometer is profoundly delicate to change in temperature. Along these lines, you have to store inside a working temperature of 8-42˚C and mugginess levels up to 85% in a room. 

The gadget stores to a limit of 750 examples by allowing a chance to control the blood levels all the more definitely. Furthermore, the clever component supports and moves recorded amounts to tablets, PCs, mobiles and so on 

On the off chance that you are the one searching for better an incentive for cash and simply dealing with it, at that point this is for you. It accompanies spearing gadget, implicit wellbeing highlights and sharp functionalities for simple activity. 

Aside from that, there’re 9 shading pointers that will tell you about the circumstance you are at present encountering red for low, green for ordinary and blue for high. 

Wrapping up, the general execution of Accu-Check Glucometer is acceptable and adequate. It has accompanied 750 strips that no other item in the rundown contains. However, the main drawback with this glucometer is that it needs to code each time you utilize new test strips. 

It is safe to say that you are the one hoping to utilize glucometer for lifetime? Try not to stress! There is another model Active Blood Glucose Meter from a similar brand Accu-Chek which assists with screening tests of the sugar levels in your body without torment. In spite of the fact that it is chomped expensive, absolutely worth the cash you’re paying for.

Specifications of Accu-Chek Instant S Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Sample Size0.5 mg/dl
Test Time4-Seconds
Number of Lancets10
Number of Test Strips10
Automatic CodingY
Memory720 test
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • A shaded objective reach pointer that gives visual consolation 
  • Simple edge testing strips 
  • USB move 
  • The capacity memory of up to 720 test outcomes 
  • Speedy test season of four seconds
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • The outcomes are not as precise as asserted by the makers

BeatO Smartphone Simple Blood Glucose Meter

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BeatO Smartphone Simple Blood Glucose Meter

The BeatO Smartphone glucometer is another age blood glucose checking gadget that really transforms your cell phone into a blood glucose global positioning framework. The glucometer is extraordinarily smaller in estimate and can be embedded into the sound port of the cell phone with the assistance of a 3.5 mm jack. The little size of the glucometer makes it truly compact, and it very well may be conveyed anyplace effortlessly. It works easily with the two Androids and iPhones. 

You should simply embed your test strip into the glucometer and connect the gadget to your cell phone. In this way, when you take the estimation, your readings are naturally saved money on the BeatO application. On this application, you can see your understanding patterns and examine your test outcomes better with the assistance of charts and outlines. 

The BeatO confirmed clinical specialists likewise encourage you occasionally on different components that would assist you with dealing with your glucose levels in a more agreeable way. The BeatO application likewise permits you to assemble a network on the application that can incorporate your relatives, specialists, and so forth with the assistance of the offer element. This element is especially urgent in the event of crises as your inward circle can be naturally cautioned at whatever point your test readings show unacceptable outcomes. 

The extras included are a spearing pen, fifty lancets, and twenty or more free thirty RGB Sinocare Safe-Accu 2 test strips. The test strips require just 0.6 mg/dl of the blood test to decide your glucose levels inside ten seconds. The glucometer likewise has a long battery life of as long as three years and can perform around 4,000 tests. Moreover, the gadget likewise accompanies a one-year warranty. 

Specifications of BeatO Smartphone glucometer

Blood Sample Size0.6 mg/dl
Test Time10-Seconds
Number of Lancets50
Number of Test Strips50
Automatic CodingY
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • A glucometer can be embedded into your cell phone 
  • It is smaller and amazingly convenient 
  • Naturally signs in to the BeatO application that accompanies fabulous highlights 
  • A decent number of test strips and lancets are furnished with the gadget 
  • The long battery life of as long as three years 
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • Test season of ten seconds is a touch more when contrasted with different gadgets on the rundown 
  • The outcomes are not precise and the warranty period is less

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

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OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

The OneTouch Verio Flex glucometer. It is one of the most creative items by OneTouch. It has a minimal and smooth plan, which makes the glucose meter amazingly versatile. The setting up cycle is simple and agreeable. Unexpectedly set up, you should simply to press the ON catch on the meter until the beginning up screen shows up, and afterward you can serenely set the date and time on your gadget. Alongside the OK catch, two Up and Down catches are likewise given to assist you with exploring through the highlights and set your gadget. The showcase is huge and straightforward. 

The unit incorporates a glucose checking gadget, a spearing gadget, ten lancets, and fifty OneTouch Verio test strips. These test strips have ended up being exact at both low and high glucose levels for just about nine years. 

The gadget upholds fingertip inspecting. It just requires a modest quantity of blood test of about 0.4 mg/dl to give you exact test results inside five seconds. 

Understanding your blood glucose test results has gotten more OK with the gadget’s Color Sure innovation. At the point when the outcome is shown on the screen, a reach marker bolt underneath it focuses to the separate shading pointer that comes in blue, green, and red tone to inform you as to whether your sugar levels are agreeable or not. 

Blue tone for beneath the protected reach, green shading implies levels are in reach, and red tone shows levels over the typical reach. It additionally accompanies pre-set low and high reach limits at 70 mg/dl and 180 mg/dl separately, which can be changed appropriately dependent on your necessities. 

This best glucometer can likewise hide away to 500 ongoing test outcomes, which can be seen effectively by working with the History method of the gadget. The gadget can likewise be matched up to the OneTouch Reveal application, which lets you see your test results on your telephone, tablet, and so forth The Bluetooth Smart element permits you to interface the glucometer with other matched viable gadgets so your test outcomes can be sent consequently to these gadgets. 

You can likewise download your test results on your PC or laptop. This makes following and dealing with your blood glucose levels advantageous. Notwithstanding the fabulous highlights referenced above, there is a lifetime warranty on the meter as well.

Specifications of OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood Sample Size0.4 mg/dl
Test Time5-Seconds
Number of Lancets10
Number of Test Strips50
Automatic CodingY
Memory500 test
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • Shading Sure innovation for better comprehension of test outcomes 
  • The gadget constantly adjusts to OneTouch Reveal application 
  • Bluetooth Smart component for smooth information move 
  • Speedy test season of five seconds 
5 Best Glucometers In India With Price And Buying Guide [month] [year]


  • A few models do exclude test strips in the unit

Frequently Ask Questions About Best Glucometer

Is Accu-Chek Instant precise? Or then again would it be able to not be right? 

In spite of the fact that Accu-Chek Instant glucometer cases have exact outcomes, a change of around ten to fifteen percent is as yet observed in many glucometers. This is likewise a satisfactory reach by the ISO precision principles. In any case, we prescribe not to completely depend just on your glucometer test results. 

It is smarter to have normal lab blood tests for better precision and more solid conclusion and treatment. Additionally, consistently talk with your PCP in regards to your condition and never self-analyze or self-sedate depending on the readings appeared on your glucometer. 

The readings on your glucose meter can be defective because of different reasons like coding mistakes, inadequate blood test size, flawed test strips, erroneous understanding procedure, in-fabricated gadget blunder, and so on Subsequently, it isn’t insightful to depend on these gadgets aimlessly. 

Which is the most precise glucometer in India? 

Each glucometer perusing would show some level of difference, which can lie anyplace between ten to fifteen percent. Lesser the change rate, the better it is. In any case, with regards to choosing the most precise glucometer in India, our pick is the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. 

This glucometer fulfills the ISO guidelines of exactness and doesn’t need coding, which limits the odds of a flawed outcome because of a miscode. 

Additionally, it accompanies a visual twofold check choice that permits you to check the shown perusing more than once, accordingly guaranteeing you of the precision of the gadget. It even lets you re-portion the strip inside an eight to ten seconds window if there should be an occurrence of an inadequate blood test size. This is done to stay away from any blunders because of less blood onto the strip. 

The pre and post-dinner markers likewise keep your fasting, and after feast test results helpfully isolated to furnish you with exact outcomes and powerful following. Ultimately, the easy to use show screen with effectively coherent numbers guarantees that you don’t make any blunder while noticing your blood glucose perusing. 

Hence, great quality manufactured and an exceptional spotlight on precision highlights make the Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit the most exact glucometer in India. 

How long does an Accu-Chek battery last? 

The battery life of an Accu-Chek gadget relies upon the sort of model viable. Those Accu-Chek glucometers that have more point by point capacities to perform, frequently have a more drawn out battery life of around 1000 to 2000 tests. 

All things considered, the battery of Accu-Chek gadgets can last dependent upon 500 to 1000 tests. The battery life likewise relies on the utilization, i.e., on the off chance that you test on different occasions in a day, the batteries will have a more limited life expectancy. 

In any case, there are a few pointers like the diminishing of the presentation screen, catches getting unfeeling on squeezing, and so on that you should pay special mind to warranty that you change your batteries so as to maintain a strategic distance from any disaster during a crisis. 

Will drinking a ton of water bring down your glucose levels? 

Water is perhaps the best beverage for individuals with high blood glucose levels. Since water doesn’t contain any starches or sugars, it won’t spike your glucose levels. 

Likewise, it is logically demonstrated that individuals with high blood glucose levels require more liquids in their eating routine to flush out the overabundance glucose through their pee. 

Simultaneously, individuals experiencing diabetes consistently have the danger of parchedness as your kidneys make a decent attempt to eliminate overabundance sugar from your blood through continuous pee.

 Accordingly, it is smarter to load up on water to forestall any occurrence of drying out as the body will rehydrate itself in any event, while eliminating overabundance sugar from your blood. 

Specialists for the most part prescribe having 1.5 to 2 liters of water each day for patients experiencing high blood glucose levels. In the event that you don’t care for plain water, you can likewise mix your water with some citrus organic products like an orange or lime. 

In any case, ensure that you don’t go for organic product squeezes or enhanced filtered water that may contain sugars in them, which will expand your glucose levels further and decay your wellbeing.


Considering all the components referenced above and evaluating every item in detail, our specialists have perceived Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit as the best glucometer in India. It is a force stuffed gadget in a simple to deal with smaller size. It requires no coding and even satisfies ISO principles of precision, which make the test outcomes pretty exact.

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