12 Best Graphics Cards December 2022 With Price In India For Best Gaming Experience

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We as a whole realize that both NVIDIA and AMD are two of the top brands that are producing committed GPUs seriously. As of late, the opposition has gotten somewhat wild between these two well-known brands. Furthermore, this is in reality useful for customers like us. 

In this post, we will discuss probably the best graphics cards in India. Furthermore, we won’t talk about the rebranded GPUs here. We will audit the stock GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD. In this way, you can choose which one to decide on your own need. 

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Why So Many Brands for Same Graphic Card? 

NVIDIA and AMD produce the GPU that does the handling, the chip is given to merchants like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Colorful, INNO3D, Zotac, and so on. These sellers include their own protected cooling series, input, and yield ports. They may likewise overclock it or include VRAM, streamlining the card to give the best execution by including customization. 

These cards from various brands can have changing benchmarks for the same GPU from AMD and NVIDIA. Sellers likewise assume a vital part in client assistance and backing, building trust in the market for their quality products. 


GEFORCE RTX 30 SERIES has been dispatched and ideally ought to be accessible in India soon. Potentially by September end and October. So right now it doesn’t bode well to purchase the RTX 2080 Ti, as RTX 3070 which costs very less is looking quicker than RTX 2080 Ti. However, we should hang tight for more itemized tests.

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Here’s The List Of The Best Graphics Cards With Price

Graphics CardsPrice (Approx)Buy Now
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti100000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 80000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 2080100000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 2070 Super50000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 2070 40000 INRView On Amazon
AMD RX 5700 XT35000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super61000 INRView On Amazon
AMD RX 5700 26000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia RTX 206031000 INRView On Amazon
AMD RX 5600 XT23000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti 24000 INRView On Amazon
Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 21000 INRView On Amazon

Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti

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Best Graphics Cards

Alright, do you need the most remarkable graphics card accessible right presently out there? In the event that your answer is yes and you don’t have any issues with the spending plan, at that point the NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti is for you. 

It has all the best highlights. Subsequently, you can anticipate that it should be an extravagant GPU. Furthermore, in actuality, this is the most costly GPU on the planet at the present time. This GPU utilizes the TU102 chip from NVIDIA. It has a memory clock speed of 14000 MHz, memory transport width 352.00 pieces. 

What’s more, the net element of the GPU is 10.50 x 1.75 x 4.55 inches. It accompanies double pivotal fans and another creative fume chamber for cooling it seriously. 

Numerous brands are offering this GPU available. Pick the one you like the most or you could just get the organizer’s release from NVIDIA. All things considered, on the off chance that you are searching for the lead GPU at the hour of composing this post, you ought to go with this. 

Nvidia RTX 2080 Super

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Best Graphics Cards

On the off chance that you can’t bear the cost of the past NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, yet you need a head class execution from your GPU, at that point you can go with the RTX 2080 Super. For many individuals, this could be the sweet spot with regards to cost to execution proportion. 

This graphics card from NVIDIA accompanies 8 GB of video RAM, 3072 CUDA centers, a 256-bit memory transport, and a TU104 chipset. So you can see that it isn’t that incredible contrasted with the past one. However, it sneaks up suddenly completely. 

Nvidia RTX 2080

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Best Graphics Cards

Indeed, there is an RTX 2080 from NVIDIA too. Be that as it may, right now, you won’t discover it on Nvidia’s authentic site. Since when they delivered the RTX 2080 Super, they have begun to stop this card. So was that a terrible GPU? Frankly, no this was an incredible choice. Be that as it may, you can really get the RTX 2080 Super at a similar cost as this. 

Thus, sensibly, you ought not to go for this except if you can get it for much not exactly the cost at dispatch. This GPU is likewise utilizing the TU104 chipset. Be that as it may, it accompanies 2944 CUDA centers. Then again, it has a similar 8 GB VRAM, 256-bit memory transport, and cost with the RTX 2080 super. 

Thus, it has earned a spot on our rundown of the best graphics card in India. Be that as it may, we would not suggest it right now. 

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

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Best Graphics Cards

On our rundown, the number position was earned by the NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super. Indeed, still, it is NVIDIA, not AMD yet. This GPU was delivered some time prior. However, for the expense to execution proportion, this could be a top pick now. Curiously, despite the fact that this is 2070, it utilizes a similar TU104 chipset like any 2080s. 

You will likewise like that this one is a GDDR6 GPU with 8 GB of video RAM. What’s more, it additionally accompanies the 256-digit and 2560 CODA Cores. All things considered, at the cost, this could be an extraordinary decision on the off chance that you are an NVIDIA fan. 

Nvidia RTX 2070 

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Best Graphics Cards

This GPU utilizes the TU106 chipset. What’s more, it additionally includes 8 GB VRAM and 2304 CUDA Cores. Also, this GDDR6 GPU has a 256-digit memory transport. In all honesty, as of now, you ought not to go for this card in the event that you are not getting at an immense rebate. Why? Since when it came out a couple of years back, it was an extraordinary GPU at the cost at dispatch. 

Be that as it may, after the arrival of the RTX 2070 Super, NVIDIA has murdered this GPU too. Furthermore, they have delivered the NVIDIA 2070 Super nearly at a similar cost. In this way, on the off chance that you need to get a decent series, go with the RTX 2070 Super. In this way, ensure you are not getting an RTX 2070 at the cost of an RTX 2070 SUPER. 

AMD RX 5700 XT

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Best Graphics Cards

From the title, you can say that we are discussing an AMD GPU this time. What’s more, this is as a matter of fact one of the most superior GPUs from AMD. At the point when it came out, it was an immense series for AMD as this was the first run through AMD was contending with NVIDIA at their very good quality GPU line. 

In any case, as of now, this is outstanding amongst other worth GPU from AMD as they have reduced down the value a ton now. On the off chance that you are searching for a top of the line GPU from AMD at a sensible value, at that point, you can go with this. 

Nvidia RTX 2060 Super

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Best Graphics Cards

At the hour of the arrival of this video card, this is a top of the line and amazing GPU. However, NVIDIA set an excessive cost to it when it came out. What’s more, during that time, AMD came up and cut down the cost of their RX 5700 series GPUs. Subsequently, this has gotten one of the most vulnerable GPU from the ‘Super’ series of NVIDIA. 

Be that as it may, through the span of time, NVIDIA has diminished the cost of this GPU a bit. Thus, in the event that you like the new cost and don’t feel that there is another better GPU for that sum out there, you can take this. 

AMD RX 5700

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Best Graphics Cards

This isn’t the XT rendition of the AMD Radeon RX 5700. At the point when it came out, everyone adulated its plan and execution. Furthermore, the evaluating was additionally serious at that point. In any case, right now, AMD has reduced down the value a great deal. 

Along these lines, it has gotten a greater amount of an engaging decision even now. In the event that you are sufficiently educated, you can really attempt to underfoot and overclock the GPU all alone. What’s more, according to numerous clients, it could perform at the degree of the 5700 XT by doing that. 

Nvidia RTX 2060 

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Best Graphics Cards

The RTX 2060 from NVIDIA utilizes the TU106 GPU chipset. It has 1920 CUDA centers. This GPU is additionally furnished with 192-digit memory transport, 6 GB VRAM, and appealing highlights and specs. Simultaneously, this GDDR6 GPU accompanies a moderate value at the present time. 

Indeed, NVIDIA has reduced the cost of this colossally well known GPU by and by. Accordingly, it has improved as a decision contrasted with the RTX 2060 Super thinking about the cost versus execution proportion. 

AMD RX 5600 XT

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Best Graphics Cards

As we were stating that there is a superior alternative than the RTX 2060, which is the AMD Radeon 5600 XT. This one uses the Navi 10 XLE GPU chipset. Before delivering this graphics card, NVIDIA was overwhelming the space with 4 cards of their own in this cost and determinations go. 

Furthermore, after the arrival of this card, AMD has had the spot from NVIDIA. These days, this card could be found at an especially sensible cost. 

Also, in the event that you are requesting a mid-extend GPU that has the best an incentive for cash, at that point we would suggest this one most assuredly. 

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti 

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Best Graphics Cards

During its dispatch, this was an exceptionally foreseen monster of a GPU. Around then, this was an exceptionally valued premium GPU. Yet, from that point forward a ton of time has passed. Furthermore, alongside that, the cost of this incredible NVIDIA GPU has descended a great deal also. 

So right now, it can possibly be outstanding amongst another spending plan agreeable GPU from NVIDIA. 

Be that as it may, with the arrival of AMD RX 5600 XT meanwhile, it is exceptionally difficult to go with this. However, in the event that you are a devotee of the green group, you can get this one. 

Nvidia GTX 1660 Super

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Best Graphics Cards

Numerous purchasers that are on a restricted financial plan would be glad to play the games at 1080p screen goal. They would ordinarily prefer not to play at 4K goal. 

In the event that that is your case also and you need a reasonable elite GPU, at that point the GTX 2060 Super could be a super (no joke expected) decision. 

You realize this is a GDDR6 GPU with 6 GB of VRAM. Also, for gaming in 1080p, it could be the genuine article. 


Picking the best graphics in India isn’t a simple assignment by any means. During the exploration, we have run over a huge amount of GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA. Also, the greater part of them accompanies the absolute best highlights and specs. Indeed, even some of them have nearly the comparative value run. However, we have attempted to make a reasonable rundown of the best GPUs in India. 

Before we go, we should tell that the evaluating of any GPUs can change at any second. We have looked at and assessed these GPUs above by thinking about the estimating at the hour of composing this post. As usual, it is dependent upon you to choose the best item for you. We trust this post will assist you with doing that effectively and all the more easily.

Frequently Ask Questions About Best Graphic Cards 

Is this graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

Current designs graphics cards accompany a PCI-E x16 connector and in the event that you have a PCI-E x16 slot on your motherboard, then only the card should work with your motherboard. 

In some cases, extremely old motherboards may not support new graphics cards. You may likewise counsel your motherboard manual or the motherboard’s producer site to think about the similarity with various designs cards.

Can a PCIe 3.0×16 graphics card work on PCIe 2.0×16 motherboard or vice versa?

Yes PCIe 2.0×16 graphics cards will work on PCIe 3.0×16 slots on the motherboard or vice versa because PCIe does not give higher bandwidth between 2.0 and 3.0 but in some games, you can lag with FPS rate.

Which one to buy: Single Fan or Dual Fan graphics card?

You can get the same graphics cards with a single, dual or triple fan feature triple fan graphics cards gives more cooling as compared to single or dual fans graphics card and thus you have better-overclocking potential with triple fan graphics card but triple fan graphics card rate is higher as compared to dual or single fan graphics cards.

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