11 Best Laptop Cooling Pads In India (Review & Buying Guide) December 2022

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The laptop is one of the most emerging and trending electronic gadgets in this century. It has been a great help to the modern man as it helps the people to perform their daily tasks, from working on official purposes to playing games and watching movies.

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But since it is an electronic gadget, it gets overheated after some time of use. Hence, it is necessary to keep it cool. There are few ways to keep your laptop cool and one of them is to use the laptop cooling pads. Laptop cooling pads are meant to increase the airflow around your laptop keeping it cool and also prevent the overheating of your laptop.

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The Best laptop cooling pads discussed in this post are some of the best laptop cooling pads with buying guide. It is based on my own experience of using the best laptop cooling pads and reviews from different online shopping sites like amazon.

Is Using a Cooling Pad for a Laptop is Beneficial? 

Cooling pads keep your gadget cool as well as increment your laptop’s life by not permitting its internals to apply more than they should. 

Workstations have gotten very amazing throughout the long term and you presently don’t have to depend on work areas for weighty assignments including gaming. 

Yet, with such demanding games, the inward fan arrangement of the workstations isn’t sufficient to keep them cool and you need to get a cooling pad. There are a great deal of cooling pads accessible for a wide range of laptops and beneath are the best ones to browse. 

You can also browse the listing of the laptops with the best battery life.

Here’s The List Of The Best laptop Cooling Pads In India

Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad 
LAPCARE Laptop Cooling Pad 
Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad
Tarkan Dual-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad
Deelaptopool U-Pal Laptop Cooling Pad
Lifestyle You Laptop Cooling Pad
Tarkan Heavy Duty Laptop Cooling Pad
Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad
Deelaptopool N2 Laptop Cooling Pad
Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

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Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad unquestionably hopes to have come directly from another world possibly. The three fans turning underneath the work with their blue LED lights make a figment that gives it the look. 

Aside from this, the cooling pad looks very essential and is made out of excellent metal. It is a very thin cooling pad for your laptop that won’t make a lot of commotion to upset you. 

The work and the fans have been structured in a manner to coordinate the greatest warmth out of the laptop. You’ll be getting two USB ports on the pad and it has two tallness levels.

Primary features:

  • Slim, portable and lightweight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • Doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • The high-quality multi-directional metal mesh provides your laptop with a wear-resisting and stable laptop carrying surface
  • Three ultra-quiet fans create a noise-free environment for you
  • Extra USB port and power switch design and built-in dual-USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices

LAPCARE Laptop Cooling Pad

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LAPCARE Laptop Cooling Pad

An extremely functional plan by Lalaptopare , which cools your laptop and can fill in as a laptop stand as well. Which is truly helpful , while working in bed. It comes outfitted with 2 12.5 Cm fans , which go up to 1000RPM. You will see a temperature contrast while utilizing this cooling pad without a doubt. 

You can consolidate it with a Tarkan USB extractor fan to build the air yield from your laptop. While this cooling pad siphons the air inside , this can function as an extraordinary combo. 

To guarantee laptop grasp , the plan is hostile to slip. The work on top is very intense. Handle the ports with care , to not harm them. The item is light gauge and doesn’t make a lot of commotion. 

Primary Features:

  • Chill mate is suitable for up to 15.6″ Inch laptops
  • Double 12.5 Cm ultra-quiet fans with high wind capacity
  • It has 2 USB ports for multiple devices with a blue LED.
  • Material: ABS and iron net
  • Angled modulated design for cozy operation unique non-slip

Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad

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Grandiose Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad

As amazing its name may be, the cooling pad is as acceptable at chilling your workstations off while you do those weighty works. 

Like the Tarkan cooling pad referenced over, this item is likewise intended for laptops that measure between 14 inches and 17 inches. The LED lighting of the cooling pad makes your gaming experience stunningly better. 

While you are gaming on your top of the line laptop, the five aficionados of this cooling pad will guarantee that your machine doesn’t warm even a piece. Furthermore, fret not, the fans won’t upset you with an uproarious clamor. For the best stance, the pad offers 7 customizable stature levels. 

Primary Features:

  • Five led fan design (4 – 80mm, 1 – 140mm) to provide maximum cooling
  • Eye-catching led lighting that creates a gaming atmosphere
  • Buttons to adjust the fan wind speed for quieter cooling to maximum cooling effect
  • Country of Origin: China

Tarkan Dual-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

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Tarkan Dual-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

This item from Tarkan has the right to be on the head of our rundown for the highlights and manufacture quality it accompanies. Accompanies a guarantee of one year and is the best laptop cooling pad. 

Its top work is made out of metal for a steady help and the blue LED lights give it a modern look. The double enthusiasts of the cooling pad run at 1200 RPM and it works extraordinary while gaming to keep the warmth under control. 

With that, the cooling pad has 5 stature settings for an ideal review point and stance for you. It is fueled by the USB power from the laptop itself and you needn’t bother with any extra connector.

Primary Features:

  • Metal mesh surface provides stable supports for various laptop sizes up to 15.6-inch. With mysterious blue LED lights, give your laptop a truly alienist experience.
  • Durable material and lightweight design offer excellent portability and help prevent overheating.
  • Dual high-performance 140 mm fans can spin at 1200 RPM to dissipate heat from gaming laptops.
  • An adjustable stand offers 5 height settings to position your laptop at an ideal viewing or typing angle.
  • Dual USB ports: Powered by the one USB port through Free USB cable included, no need for a bulk battery or AC power; the other USB port to connect your devices. This product is covered under One Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects.

Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

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Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin is a world chief in making electronic adornments and this cooling pad remains by its name. 

The plan of the pad looks incredible and utilizes a licensed wind stream wing to keep your laptop at its coldest point. Also, the cooling pad doesn’t make a lot of clamor while working in view of its tech. 

The cooling pad has been ergonomically intended to lessen the strain on your wrist and give an ideal edge to composing. This item is again controlled by the USB of your laptop itself for your most extreme accommodation. 

Primary Features:

  • Wired
  • Patent pending airflow wing for better cooling and quieter operation
  • Smart convection design for optimum air circulation allows hot air to flow up and away from heat source
  • USB cable included to power cooling pad
  • Gentle slope for improved typing comfort and reduced wrist strain
  • Raised screen height to help reduce neck strain

Tarkan Wind-Storm Five-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

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You have a laptop bigger than 15.6 inches, Tarkan has an extraordinary answer for you also. 

Like it’s just stated, this cooling pad is for bigger workstations of size 14 to 17 inches and isn’t for everybody. Tarkan has planned this cooling pad for uncompromising gaming workstations that pack in a great deal of intensity. 

It accompanies an aggregate of five devotees of various sizes for top tier cooling while you play those weighty and requesting games. While the fans run at 2200 RPM, the cooling pad permits you to modify the stature at up to 8 levels. 

Primary Features:

  • Extra Large Metal mesh surface provides stable support and added cooling. Fits 14-17 inch laptops.
  • Five Fan Engineered Design to provide apt cooling for the bottom as well as side air vent laptops (with fan speed controller).
  • High-performance Fans that can spin up to 2200 RPM to dissipate heat from gaming, heavy-duty laptops.
  • Ergonomic Design: Adjustable 8 different height settings, comfortable for natural point of view. Big shield anti-skid mats with a retainer to prevent laptop slipping off
  • Dual USB ports: One USB port to power the cooling pad; the extra USB port is to connect other devices. This product is covered under One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Deelaptopool U-Pal Laptop Cooling Pad

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Deelaptopool U-Pal Laptop Cooling Pad

This is a laptop cooling pad structured with two fans for coordinating the warmth out of your laptop. 

The two fans are enormously estimated for most extreme cooling while you’re utilizing your notepad for weighty errands like gaming. The cooling pad has an enormous work on the top that holds the laptop alongside a flexible stand. 

It is controlled by the USB port of your laptop and the USB link likewise has a USB port with the goal that your port despite everything stays free for different employment. The plan of this cooling pad is very strong, on account of the structure of its stand. 

Primary Features:

  • Ultrafast USB 3.0 pass-through connector for rapid data transfer speeds
  • Unique U-shaped design provides smooth cooling airflow to hotspots on your notebook along with an easy exhaust path for hot air.
  • Six adjustable angles not only protect your spin but also give a better view angle as per the work and need.
  • 2 built-in 140 mm fans run at the speed of 1,000 RPM to keep the notebook cool. The fans also run at very low noise levels too thanks to the hydro-bearing hub.
  • Dual fans deliver a maximum airflow of 92.22 CFM at just 26.3dBA eliminating any source of noise disturbance during work or study

Lifestyle You Laptop Cooling Pad

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Lifestyle You Laptop Cooling Pad

Passing by its looks, the cooling pad appears to have come directly from what’s to come. 

The organization has given you a genuinely enormous cooling pad that can hold laptops of up to 17 inches. Underneath the work, you can see five fans with blue LED lights, that give it the look we’re discussing. 

Made out of solid metal, the cooling pad can hold weighty loads effortlessly and its stand is additionally very tough that offers five movable tallness levels. Most importantly, you can even control the speed of the fans utilizing the dial. 

Primary Features:

  • Heavy Duty Laptop Cooling pad with 5 fans.Suitable for high performance and gaming laptops.
  • Speed of the fans can be regulated through a dial. Has 2 USB ports. Provides efficient and even cooling experience for your laptop.
  • Durable metal mesh surface for efficient dissipation of heat.
  • With cool blue LED lights in all the fans. Suitable for laptops with upto 17 In Screens. 

Tarkan Heavy Duty Laptop Cooling Pad

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Tarkan Heavy Duty Laptop Cooling Pad

In the event that the plan is the thing that you are searching for in an ideal laptop cooling pad alongside better execution then this item will without a doubt advance you. 

The fans on this item have been deliberately positioned that give it its exceptional structure as well as guarantee most extreme cooling. Tarkan has structured it to work with workstations of size up to 17 inches. 

You will likewise get a twisted USB link alongside the cooling pad and the item itself has two USB ports. The nature of this item is as incredible as some other Tarkan item and offers an ergonomic plan for best composing position. 

Primary Features:

  • Stay cool, look cool. 4 Fans with Mysterious LED illumination. Powerful, yet silent.
  • A free braided durable USB cable is included to power the cooling pad through your laptop.
  • The product houses a Cable detangle slot at the bottom.
  • Advanced aerodynamics with metal mesh surface.

Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad

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Cables Kart Laptop Cooling Pad

For the individuals who would prefer not to spend a ton of cash on a cooling pad or have a sort of use that isn’t a lot of weight, this single fan cooling pad ought to be an incredible alternative for you. As referenced, this item from Cables Kart accompanies a solitary yet huge cooling fan. 

The best part about this pad is that it comes secured with a full guarantee of 2 years. The cooling pad itself is very lightweight as it doesn’t have those superfluous parts and is anything but difficult to use with a wide range of laptops. 

Primary Features:

  • Notebook Cooling Pad For Laptop: Cooling Pad For Notebook Pc With Built-In Powerful Fan For Easy Thermal Heat Dissipation
  • USB Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad With Noiseless Fan
  • It Is Designed To Protect Your Laptop And Notebook Pc From Over Hea
  • Light And Stylish Design
  • 2 year warranty with Cables Kart

Deelaptopool N2 Laptop Cooling Pad

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Deelaptopool N2 Laptop Cooling Pad

No fluff cooling pad is a necessity of numerous who would prefer not to manage jumbled items. Deelaptopool has a beautiful cooling pad that has a rabbit sitting on one corner and debossed carrots for what it’s worth. This item is ideal in the event that you need a cooling pad for your child. 

With that, the cooling limit of the single fan is very enough for the individuals doing fundamental errands. It can hold laptops as extensive as 17 inches and has USB go through with the goal that the USB port on your laptop can likewise be utilized for different errands.

Primary Features:

  • Designed as a super cute bunny with three carrots
  • The light blue metal mesh panel which offers a light color and cool feel
  • 18cm fan shows great cooling performance and provides you a cool and silent world
  • Dual smart viewing angles
  • USB pass-through connector for additional USB device
  • Compatible with 17″ notebooks and below

Targus Laptop Cooling Pad 

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Targus Laptop Cooling Pad

The Chill Mat games a 4-port USB center point (with USB 2.0 ports), and conveys cooling through a couple of fans (despite the fact that Targus doesn’t indicate what size they are – in spite of the fact that the producer expresses that they can run at up to 2,500 rpm). 

This is a very much developed gadget which is amazingly thin, and can be balanced between four diverse stature levels. For those with workstations that have not many USB ports, this could be a helpful arrangement on twin fronts.

Primary Features:

  • Protects lap or work surface from heat
  • Dual fans help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality; extends the life of the laptop
  • Soft neoprene exterior provides added comfort on your lap
  • Warranty not applicable for this product

Best Laptop Cooling Pads-Buying Guide

While buying a laptop cooling pad it is important to consider certain points before buying one. These points will help you in choosing the best cooling pad for your laptop. 


You should buy a cooling pad that is comfortable to use and provides you with maximum comfort while working on it. 

It is important to consider the size of the cooling pad before buying one as it should be compact enough to be carried around easily from one place to another and it should also be light enough to be carried around easily from one place to another. 

A good laptop cooling pad should also have a good height adjustment option that will help you in adjusting the height according to your comfort level while working on your laptop. 


It is very important that you get the best cooling pad within your budget while still getting all the necessary features along with it. 

A good cooling pad should be available within your budget and you should be able to buy it without straining your budget. 

It is always better to spend a little more on getting a good cooling pad rather than spending less and getting an ordinary cooler for your laptop which will not only affect your work but will also affect your laptop in the long run. 

Cooling Ability- 

A good laptop cooler is one which has a good cooling ability and can keep the temperature of your laptop under control even when you are working for prolonged hours on it. 

Many laptops get heated up quickly when you are working on them for prolonged hours and this can affect the performance of your laptop as well as cause damage to it in the long run. 

A good cooler can keep your laptop cool for prolonged hours so that you can work comfortably on it without worrying about its temperature. 


One of the most important things while buying a laptop cooler is that it should be as quiet as possible so that it does not disturb you while working. 

There are many coolers available in the market which produce noise while working on your laptop and this can cause a lot of disturbance while working. It is important that you buy a cooling pad which does not produce noise while working on your laptop. 


It is important to buy a cooling pad which can be carried around easily from one place to another. A good cooling pad should be lightweight and portable and should not require any other device to run it. 


It is very important for you to buy a laptop cooler which has a good warranty period and it should be able to provide you with services for at least a year or two.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads-FAQ 

What is a Laptop Cooling Pad? 

Laptop cooling pad is a device that you can attach to your laptop to keep your laptop cool. There are many laptop cooling pads available in the market. 

What are the benefits of using a Laptop Cooling Pad? 

There are many benefits of using a laptop cooling pad. Some of them are listed below: 

1.The temperature of the laptop reduces due to which the battery life increases.

2.The fans inside the laptop cool down due to which the processor, RAM and hard disc also lasts for a long time. 

3.The charging time of the battery reduces. For instance, if you are using your laptop for 8 hours per day, then by using a cooling pad, you can reduce the temperature of your laptop by 2 degrees Celsius and your battery will charge faster by 10-15%. 

4.The hard drive life increases as the temperature of the hard drive reduces. 

5.The risk of burning of the laptop reduces as the temperature inside the laptop drops down. 

6.You can play high-end games on your laptop without any lag and without heating up the device. 

Are Laptop Cooling Pads worth buying? 

If you are using your laptop on a regular basis and want to increase the life of your laptop, then laptop cooling pads are worth buying. 

You can place your laptop on a table or on your lap to keep your laptop cool, but both these methods are not that effective to keep your laptop cool. If you want to increase the life of your laptop, then you need to attach a cooling pad to it.


Most laptops come with an inbuilt cooling fan, but even after having an in-built fan sometimes, your laptop may get heated up due to which you may face issues such as: 

1.Your hard drive life reduces. 

2.The battery life reduces due to which you have to charge it more frequently. 

3.The performance of your laptop gets reduced as the temperature of the processor and hard drive increases. 

4.The risk of burning your laptop increases due to increased temperature inside your laptop. 

5.You cannot play high-end games on your laptop without any lag due to increased temperature inside the laptop. 

6.The operating system gets corrupted due to increased temperature inside the laptop.

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