5 Best Monitors Under 10000 With Price & Buying Guide December 2022

Welcome to my blog best monitors under 10000.

Can you expect a new 10 K monitor to be purchased? Do you like your laptop with a second screen? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Several manufactures came up with their monitor because of the success and demand. But it’s a natural thing to be lost if you first order it. Before you buy a display, there are several crucial aspects you need to remember.

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I have listed the top 5 monitors under 10000 in this post. Detailed reviews of all the items and a purchasing guide are available.

Buying Guide For The Best Monitors under 10000

Monitor Screen Size

The key attribute that any consumer typically uses is the screen size when purchasing displays. Isn’t that pretty clear? I think that there’s so much to do with the status mark frequently associated in the living room with a wide flat-screen television. However, the function of both a TV and a computer would not be the same as the monitor.

The functions of room-scale, field of vision, form of monitor, view angles and pixel resolution are presented here. If you are a player, the standard of the monitor and of the near display view over the display size would be desired. You therefore ought to search for the highest contrast and resolution for game monitors.

Therefore, the screen size is therefore less critical and wasteful. The developers are now marketing their high-resolution, standard screen size game monitors. They are seeking to retain as high a pixel density as possible and reduce image loss. Let us tell for 1080p resolution; you get a monitor about 24 inches in size or 2160p resolution. A monitor of around 34 inches can be obtained.

Monitor Resolution

Let me tell you here about the monitor resolutions including:

  • HD = 720p
  • FHD = 1080p.
  • QHD = 1440p (2 K)
  • UHD = 2160p (4 K).

720p gaming monitors are called outdated in gaming, which is very likely, and 1080p allows you good GPUs the maximum frame rates. It can also hit 3 numbers fps. I assume you know 1080p is much cheaper than the holder. You must search when selecting the category in which the GPU comes, and then you can pick it.

Refresh rate

Each display today has a varying refresh rate of 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz and even 240 Hz. If you know what the 60 Hz to 120 Hz or more discrepancy is between monitors? Yeah, fine! The movement consistency benefits significantly and becomes gradual as it rises.

Pixel response time

Now, do you know how different the game displays are from high-end to low-end? Yeah, fine! The pixel response time in high-end cases is typically cut to 1 ms, while in standard cases, the response time is 2-4 ms. The popular ones are not as important unless you play competitive games at a quick speed.

Best Gaming Monitors Under 10000: Comparisons

FeaturesSamsung LC49HG90DMUXENLG 32UD59BenQ Zowie XL2411PLG24UD58
Monitor typeCurvedUHDLEDLED
Display size48.8 inches32 inches24 inches23.8 inches
Response time (ms)1ms5ms1ms5ms
Panel typeVATNIPS
Resolutions3840 X 1080 3840 X 1080 1920 X 1080 3840 X 1080 
Dynamic Contrast Ratio3000:1 3000:1 1000:1 
Brightness350 Cd/M2300nits350 Cd/M2250 Cd/M2
HDCP supportYesYes
Display portYesYes
Weight (Kg)1573.64
Warranty1 year3 year1 year1 year
Price (Approx)153000480001700022000
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Here’s the List of The Best Monitors Under 10000

Best MonitorsPrice (Approx)Buy Now
Acer 18.5 inch HD monitor4000View On Amazon
Samsung 23.5 inch FHD Monitor8000View On Amazon
Dell 21.5 inch FHD Monitor6500View On Amazon
LG 22 inch FHD Monitor8000View On Amazon
Ben Q 21.5 inch FHD Monitor7800View On Amazon

Acer 18.5 inch HD Best monitors Under 10000

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Acer 18.5 Inch HD Monitors under 10000

The LED Backlit Computer monitor Acer EB192Q 18.5 inch is a part of the Acer brand. Acer is popular for the development of tablets, displays, etc.

This is an indication of the consistency of their goods. This is your dream product if you want something really cheap and do not want to compromise on consistency.

The monitor is around 18.5 inches in height. That’s plenty to look at videos, I guess. The resolution is fully HD 1366 X 768 with a higher contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1.

The product comes with an advanced technology fast response time of 5 ms. This monitor has a Flicker Less hardware and Blue Light Filter.

Just 3.30 Watt is absorbed by this commodity and 60 Hz is refreshed. It weighs only 3.13 kilograms and is light. It’s easy to wear. Overall this is one of the best monitors under 10000.


  • The product comes with a high definition, which offers an outstanding visual experience. It enables you to improve the luxury of your home in superior resolution and HD entertainment.
  • I love the picture quality because it’s excellent. The quick reaction time of 5ms offers superior picture efficiency. It brings your games and movies immersive graphics.


  • It is possible to enhance the colour rendering.
  • There are certain difficulties with versatility.

Samsung 23.5 inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

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Samsung 23.5 Inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

A LED backlit computer screen with a Samsung LS24F350FHWXXL 23.5 inch is an outstanding Samsung brand offering. Samsung provides outstanding home and kitchen equipment. This monitor is a case in point with a strong output.

It comes with widescreen and a low-cost range. Let us now discuss some of the product’s best features. This device is from a well-known Samsung company. It is also very reliable and reliable to pick. Overall this is one of the best monitors under 10000.

It is roughly 23.5 inches or 59.8 cm widescreen in height. The Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution offers a great viewing experience. It has a super thin, 10 mm AH-IPS screen. It is fitted with a sleek and trendy horizontal motif in the back window.

You can now select the game mode which works superbly for people who play several games with this monitor. The screen contrast and game colors are optimized.


  • With the support of AMD FreeSync, this product provides completely smooth playing.
  • The monitor ‘s size is super small , making it simple to store and portable. This looks fantastic to conserve space and does not cause space challenges.


  • No major cons found by us

Dell 21.5 inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

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Dell 21.5 Inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

The LED Backlit Computer Display from the Dell E2218HN 21.5inch brand, and we are both conscious that it is fantastic as a brand. Yeah, fine! In many Indian homes, this monitor is popular. It has an area of 21.5 inches and a great resolution. Overall this is one of the best monitors under 10000.

You can enjoy beautiful views and easy to use. Let me tell you some of this Dell monitor ‘s excellent functionality. It has horizontal and upright viewing angles of 170 ° and 160 °. This display is fitted with 1 VGA port and 1 HDMI port. 


  • The product has a good display size. 
  • I like the product display consistency and it has a reasonably high resolution. 
  • This has a perfect viewing range, but nobody can see the show at all. Experiment with this monitor with an unforgettable visual view. 


  • The height can not be changed.

LG 22 inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

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LG 22 Inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

The following product is from the LG company, known for the manufacture of high-end equipment. The Full-HD IPS Display LG 22MP68VQ 22 “is one of the best monitors under 10000.


  • The label has small bezels on the classy-looking corners. 
  • This display supports FreeSync such that an AMD graphics card can conveniently be used. 


  • It has no horizontal rotation and can be a very nice addition.

Ben Q 21.5 inch FHD Best Monitors Under 10000

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Ben Q 21.5 Inch FHD Monitors Under 10000

If you’re ready to purchase a monitor from a trustworthy brand within 10 000 cm, BenQ GW2283 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor should be your first choice.

This monitor has a slim bezel style that provides an attractive, tidy and practical appearance. It features splash-free technology and low BlueLight technology to achieve outstanding results.


  • Full HD display 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • The product comes along with brightness intelligence technology


  • No major cons found by us.


So, here we come to the end of Best monitors under 10000 article. When you ask me, the 21.5-inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor from BenQ GW2283 will have my preference. The LED video display is 21.5 inches, with Rs.10,000 budget being considered. The remaining items listed are similarly powerful and performance-fantastic. You may then choose any product that fits your needs.

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