5 Best Mosquito Killers in India With Purchasing Guide December 2022

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Mosquitoes can be a genuine torment. Not just they aggravate with their humming sound and nibbles, they are the transporter of numerous hurtful sicknesses, for example, dengue and jungle fever. Henceforth, it is essential to dispose of them in the most ideal manner conceivable. There are different approaches to dispose of mosquitoes, for example, mosquito nets, mosquito anti-agents, and so forth. These fluids transmit unsafe synthetics that are bad for your wellbeing, particularly asthma and bronchitis patients. 

This is the place mosquito killers come into the image. They killer the mosquitoes and murder them promptly without producing any substance. The cost of the mosquito killer relies upon the size and innovation that it utilizes however it runs between Rs.500 – 3000. 

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  • Different types of mosquito killers: There are various sorts of mosquito killers, for example, Propane, CO2, UV killer, and so on. These snares can be either utilized indoor or open-air or both, contingent upon your prerequisites. 
  • Inclusion territory: For the best productivity and viability, a mosquito killer must give a huge inclusion region. This figure helps to decide the viability of the snare and it can likewise imply whether the snare can be utilized just indoor or outside as well. 
  • Convenience (Bug killer plate): The mosquito killers ought to be anything but difficult to utilize. The cleaning procedure is a precarious part here. This is the reason numerous mosquito killers accompany a removable bug killer plate at the base. You can essentially evacuate the plate, expel the executed mosquitoes, and hold it back. 

To assist you with choosing the best mosquito killers for indoor just as outside use, we have shortlisted these brands based on inclusion territory and their method of activity. You can likewise look at the Buying Guide for more subtleties that are referenced beneath the audits. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can ask us in the remarks segment beneath. 

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Purchasing Guide For Best Mosquito Killers in India 

Referenced underneath are a couple of fundamental factors that you should consider before purchasing a mosquito killer for your home. 

Area Size 

There are numerous kinds of mosquito killers; each type fills a different need. Consequently, it is exceptionally fundamental to check the highlights of every single one of them and the main component that you should search for is the inclusion zone that it offers. 

On the off chance that you plan to utilize the mosquito killer inside a room, at that point you should search for a gadget whose compelling inclusion region is more than the size of the room. Additionally, on the off chance that you wish to utilize it outside, the inclusion territory must be at any rate 20% higher than the open air region. 

It is said that the adequacy of the snare continues diminishing as the inclusion zone or separation increments. Hence, it is constantly prescribed to remember some support space while settling the territory or size of the room. Since it is one-time speculation, there is no mischief in purchasing a mosquito killer with a higher inclusion region. 


A legitimate arrangement of the mosquito killer resembles some other factor, including the region size. To choose the best spot for a mosquito killer, you should check for the primary reproducing focuses with the goal that you can grasp them before they even attempt to move toward you. Probably the most widely recognized reproducing regions incorporate stranded water, brambles, gardens, and so forth. 

Another standard of arrangement is you should attempt to get the snare far from individuals and around 30-40 feet from human action. Since mosquitoes don’t care for the warmth of the direct sun, they, as a rule, dwell in obscure territories. 

Another factor to consider is in the wake of sucking blood, mosquitoes become twofold their weight and this keeps them from flying upwards. Subsequently, you can put the mosquito killer upwind from the reproducing region. 

Method of Action 

There are 2 kinds of mosquito killers – substance-based and electric stun based. It is prescribed to utilize substance-based mosquito killers for open-air utilization as they emanate some smell. A few people don’t care for this smell however it is important to pull in and kill the mosquitoes. 

For indoor use, you can utilize electric stun based mosquitoes as they don’t transmit any scent and don’t influence wellbeing by any means. 


A few factors that you should consider in regard to the work of the mosquito killer are whether it is waterproof or not or how rough the gadget is. You can likewise search for a little yet powerful gadget. 


The mosquito killer must be anything but difficult to utilize, introduce, store, and work. 

The establishment procedure is typically a precarious part however we propose you search for a gadget whose establishment procedure is simple and fast. When contrasted with the open-air mosquito killers, the indoor gadgets are anything but difficult to introduce. 

Yet, with the indoor mosquito killers, you ought to be extremely cautious and give more inclination to the security highlights. It ought to be out of the compass of children and pets. 

Cleaning likewise assumes a basic job in the adequacy of the gadget. In this manner, it ought to be anything but difficult to spot and must be cleaned normally. 

Running Cost 

This incorporates both purchasing cost and the support cost of the gadget since it utilizes power for activity. You can likewise search for mosquito killers with an additional programmable clock included. This aide in actuating the gadget consequently during the pinnacle mosquito hours. 


You should consistently check the security measures of the electric mosquito killers and get it far from the scope of kids and pets to maintain a strategic distance from any peril. On the off chance that you are utilizing a carbon-dioxide mosquito killer, you should put it away from the span of individuals as it would prompt suffocation. 

Guarantee Services 

It is constantly proposed to purchase mosquito killers with a guarantee period as you can generally supplant it with another item on the off chance that you discover any shortcomings in the gadget. If not guarantee, you should check for merchandise exchange with the goal that you don’t squander your cash on an item that isn’t powerful enough.

Here’s The List Of The Best Mosquito Killers

Hygiene 40W UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Jumbo Flying Insect Killer
ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito killer
ADTALA Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer
ISABELLA Electronic LED Mosquito Killer 
Koyet Non-Toxic UV LED USB Powered  Mosquito Killer

Hygiene 40W UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Jumbo Flying Insect Killer

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Hygiene 40W UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Jumbo Flying Insect Killer

The Hygiene Jumbo Flying Insect Killer causes you to dispose of irritating creepy crawlies and illnesses inside minutes. It is a low force devouring machine and is totally substance-free. Since it doesn’t radiate any toxic gas, the machine is totally protected to utilize indoors. 

The machine is made utilizing strong metal and goes on for a considerable length of time. This 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer gives a wide inclusion territory of up to 3000 sq ft. You can utilize it for both private and business purposes. 


  • It is a smaller and lightweight machine. 
  • The gadget utilizes light to draw in mosquitoes and murders them utilizing electric stun. 
  • The machine is fabricated in India and therefore, save parts are effectively accessible. 
  • It offers a huge inclusion territory. 
  • You can utilize this mosquito killer both indoor and open air.


  • It is somewhat exorbitant. 
  • The plan looks cumbersome. 

ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito killer

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ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

The ZIGMA Metal Bug Zapper and Fly Catcher is an advantageous mosquito killer that is made to spread the light in all the bearings. It has the most one of a kind and lovely plan and is ideal for utilization at both home and office space. 

This mosquito killer is an eco-accommodating machine that expends almost no force. The advantageous plate at the base aides in gathering the dead bugs. You can evacuate this plate effectively and clean subsequent to discarding the bugs. One thing that you should ensure is you should not contact the matrix of the machine while it is on as you would get an electric stun. 


  • It is a little and conservative gadget and is 100% safe to use at home. 
  • The flycatcher has a plate at the base of the unit. 
  • It is a sans sound, and a toxic substance-free machine. 
  • You can utilize it for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • The machine is compelling just in dull regions.

ADTALA Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer

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ADTALA Electronic Fly Inhaler Mosquito Killer

Next on our rundown is the Adtala Standard Design Upgraded Eco-Friendly Mosquito killer killer light. It accompanies a 365 nanometer LED beam that draws in bugs viably. The amazing tornado that is in the machine that will kill the mosquitoes. The mosquito box of this snare is a channel type that will ensure that the mosquitoes are not getting away. 

The light is USB empowered so you can without much of a stretch fit it and force it utilizing a versatile force or with your PC also. Low in commotion, the light produces no kind of radiation or harmful gas and is totally concoction free. Along these lines, it is 100% safe to be utilized around kids as well.


  • Ok for a little to medium-sized room 
  • USB empowered charging makes it simple to charge 
  • High consumer loyalty 
  • Conservative and simple to haul around also 
  • Clamor free and compound free


  • Doesn’t accompany any maker’s guarantee

ISABELLA Electronic LED Mosquito Killer

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ISABELLA Electronic LED Mosquito Killer

The ISABELLA Mosquito Killer is a viable mosquito killer that discharges a light influx of 365nm that is intended for pulling in mosquitoes. When the mosquito approaches the light, it includes a solid suction that sends the mosquitoes to the base and executes them in an inward breath style.


  • It is a spending limit, agreeable mosquito killer. 
  • The mosquito killer looks upscale and carries out its responsibility without creating any superfluous commotion. 
  • It is a power effective gadget that works extraordinary in a darker domain. 
  • The base piece of the gadget is separable which makes it simpler to clean.


  • It works simply by connecting to a 3 amp USB plug and not with some other attachment.

Koyet Non-Toxic UV LED USB Powered  Mosquito Killer

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Koyet Non-Toxic UV LED USB Powered  Mosquito Killer

The Koyet Mosquito Killer is an astonishing item that quietly kills mosquitoes with the goal that it doesn’t influence your rest. It is a lightweight mosquito killer that is extremely simple to deal with and clean. 

The nature of the snare is awesome and can keep going for extremely long. It is totally non-lethal and devours next to no power.


  • This mosquito killer is a convenient gadget and expends next to no power. 
  • It works utilizing USB charging and is totally sheltered to utilize. 
  • The machine utilizes LED UV light to kill the mosquitoes and different flies. 
  • You can open the capacity box and clean it effectively.


  • The executing procedure takes somewhat more.


As indicated by us, the Hygiene Jumbo Flying Insect Killer is by a wide margin the best mosquito killer accessible in the market. It is an eco-accommodating gadget that expends less force and works adequately. 

Mosquitoes are bearers of numerous repulsive illnesses and it is essential to dispose of them. At this point, we definitely realize that mosquito killers are far progressively powerful in disposing of them on the double than utilizing different ways, for example, repellent creams or mosquito-slaughtering bats.

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