5 Best Roti Makers In India With Price & Buying Guide December 2022

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India is a country of diverse cultures and people. People from different parts of India have their own food habits. The food habits differ from region to region, state to state and even from one family to another. 

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The kitchen is the most important place in any home. If you go to any Indian home, you will find a separate kitchen in almost all the houses. In fact, this is the place where people meet and bond with each other. 

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The kitchen is also a place where the relationships between the mother and daughter, son and father become stronger.

The food that we eat is very important. Without food, we cannot survive for more than a few days. Roti, or chapati , is an essential part of Indian food. It is eaten with all kinds of food including curries, chutney and even with pickles. 

There are many varieties of roti like phulka roti, naan, lachha paratha, chapati, etc. These rotis are made in a special kind of pan called roti maker or roti press. A lot of people do not know how to use a roti maker. 

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So I have created a list of the 5 best roti makers in India with a buying guide. There are many brands available in the market. You can make your choice depending on your budget and your requirement.

Here’s The List of The Best Roti Makers in India With Price

Best Roti MakersTypePrice (Approx)Buy Now
Castrol Prestige Roti makerElectric3200/-View On Amazon
Prestige PRM 3.0 900-Watt Roti MakerElectric2000/-View On Amazon
Rotimatic Robotic Roti MakerAutomatic3,40,000/-View On Amazon
Wonderchef 1100 Watt Roti MakerElectric3000/-View On Amazon
Fortune Engineering Fully Automatic Roti Making MachineAutomatic2,80,000View On Amazon

Castrol Prestige Roti maker

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Castrol Prestige Roti Maker

Castrol Prestige Roti maker is a very popular and versatile roti maker from Usha manufacturing company. Castrol Prestige manufacturing company is known for making good home appliances at affordable prices. 

This roti maker is quite a hit in the online market and people are very happy with the results. It is a very simple and easy to use gadget and makes delicious roti’s in less than 3 minutes. 

It also comes with nonstick coating and weighs 99 grams.

Primary Specification

Power Consumption900 Watt
Warranty1 year
Dimension38 x 29 x 25 Centimeters
MaterialNonstick Stainless steel

Prestige PRM 3.0 900-Watt Roti Maker

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best roti makers

It is another popular roti maker from Prestige manufacturing company. The price range is also quite affordable as compared to Usha Roti maker. 

It makes delicious roti in 5 minutes. It features a basket which allows you to make kurkure as well. It has a base diameter of 8 CM.

It comes with 1 year of warranty  and consumes 900 Watt power.

Primary Specification

Power Consumption900 Watt
Warranty1 year
Dimension38 x 29 x 25 Centimeters
MaterialStainless steel

Rotimatic Robotic Best Roti Maker

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Rotimatic Robotic Best Roti Maker

Rotimatic roti maker is one of the most popular roti makers available in India. 

It makes rotis in 4 minutes and is very popular among families and households. It features a container where you can store up to 4-5 freshly made rotis. 

It also has a button which gives you the option to make Poori, chapatis and parathas also. You can cook them on a tawa or an oven as per your choice. The parts of this roti maker are dishwasher friendly.

Primary Specification

Power Consumption1200 Watt
Warranty1 year
Dimension40 x 32 x 40 Centimeters
MaterialBPA Free Plastic

Wonderchef 1100 Watt Roti Maker

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Wonderchef 1100 Watt Roti Maker

Wonderchef Roti Maker features a nice design and makes rotis in 4 minutes. It makes round shaped rotis which are crispy and delicious. It also has a container where you can store up to 4-5 rotis at a time. 

It also features an auto shut off option which shuts down the machine when the timer goes off. This protects the machine from getting damaged 

Primary Specification

Power Consumption1100 Watt
Warranty1 year
Dimension36 x 28.4 x 23.2 Centimeters
MaterialStainless Steel

Fortune Engineering Fully Automatic Roti Making Machine

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best roti maker machine

Fortune Engineering Fully Automatic Roti Making Machine is one of the most advanced and high-tech roti makers available in the market today. 

It makes 800 rotis in less than 1 hour and also features a sensor that controls the temperature of the heating plate to make perfectly cooked rotis every time. 

You can also make parathas and chapatis on this machine. It has a nice design and is easy to store due to its compact size.

Primary Specification

Power Consumption1500 Watt
Warranty1 year
Dimension2.5 x 5 x 2.5 feet
MaterialSoft Silicone + Steel

Best Roti Makers- Buying Guide

As we know that Roti Makers are one of the most essential household appliances in India. So, here I will try to list a few points that you should consider before buying a Roti Maker.

1. Quality: 

The quality of the product is the most important thing to consider before buying. Always try to buy a branded product for getting the best quality product.

2. Warranty: 

Always try to buy a Roti Maker with at-least 1 year of warranty. This will ensure that you can get any type of repairing or replacement of the product if required in the future.

3. Price: 

Price is also an important factor while buying any product. Always try to buy a product with a reasonable price.

4. Size: 

The size of the Roti Maker is also an important factor when it comes to placing it in your kitchen or storing it in your cupboard. 

So, always try to buy a compact-sized Roti Maker so that you can place it in your kitchen easily and store it in your cupboard without any problem.

5. Material: 

Material used to make the product is another important factor to consider when buying a Roti Maker. 

Always try to buy a product which is made up of high-quality material so that you can use it for a long period of time without any problem. 

And also, a good quality material will help you get a great performance out of the product.

6. Rotis: 

It’s also essential to consider the rotis that Roti Maker can make. Here I would like to suggest that buy a Roti Maker which can make all types of rotis i.e. Whole Wheat, Chapati, Paratha and etc. 

This will ensure that you can make any type of roti with ease and without any problem. Also, it will help you to save time as you don’t have to make roti in separate tava (griddle) for making Paratha and Chapati.

7. Additional Feature: 

Some Roti Makers come with additional features such as Timer, Shutter, Starters, etc. You can also consider these features while buying a Roti Maker. 

But make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality and performance of the product for getting additional features.

There are loads of options when it comes to choose & buy the best roti maker in India. And sometimes it becomes really difficult to choose the best one from them because all products look equally attractive and promising. 

8. Capacity:

The capacity of the roti maker must be checked before purchasing it. A large capacity roti maker means more space for molding the rotis, so it will be easier to make rotis for a large family. 

But if you are buying it for your personal use, then you need not spend too much money on it. The capacity of the Rotis Makers ranges from 3 to 6 and even 10. The price also starts from a few hundred rupees and goes up to thousands of rupees.

9. Safety:

Safety measures must be taken while using the roti maker or any electrical appliance at home for that matter as children are always at risk of getting hurt or electrocuted when they touch any electrical appliance without permission from their parents,  so I recommend parents to keep their children out of harm’s way.

Parents should always keep an eye on their children while using any kind of electrical appliances at home so that they don’t get hurt or electrocuted otherwise it will have a bad impact on their children’s future for which the parent will be responsible for their children’s bad behavior or attitude later in life and they will have to face the consequences of it too.

10. Color & Design:

If you are going to buy the product for your personal use then color and design do not matter much but if you are buying it as a gift then color and design do matter a lot.

Roti makers Benefits:

1. Roti Maker is very easy to use.

2. It saves time and energy for you.

3. You can make different types of rotis by using a roti maker.

4. It helps you to make tasty Roti at home.

5. It is made up of quality material.

6. It is easy to clean and store.

7. Roti maker is an easy investment.

8. It is efficient in making rotis.

9. You can make chapati very soft with the help of Roti Maker.

10. Roti maker is available at affordable prices in online stores and shopping websites.

But with great power comes great responsibility and it must be handled carefully and with caution.

Here Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Using A Roti maker:

  • Always preheat the roti maker before you start making rotis.
  • Use a little amount of oil while cooking rotis in the roti maker.
  • Do not place the roti maker on a stove with a high flame as it can damage the roti maker.
  • Always place a cloth or kitchen towel below the plate of the roti maker so that oil does not drip outside the machine.
  • Do not use a roti maker on a gas stove. This is because the heat generated on a gas stove is very high which will result in damage to the machine and will burn your hand as well while tucking out rotis from the roti maker.
  • You can use your roti maker to make several types of food, like, parathas, puri, chapati, etc.
  • Do not place a hot plate on the wooden surface or on top of a wet cloth as it will cause damage to the machine and will damage the wood surface as well as wet cloth as well.
  • While removing a hot plate from the roti maker, do not hold the handle, instead, hold on to the bottom part of the roti maker and remove it from the base plate carefully.
  • While cooking rotis, do not apply oil all over the inside surface of the roti maker as it will cause smoke while cooking rotis and will cause harm to your health as well as will affect the life of the machine as well.
  • Always clean the inside surface of your roti maker after using it by wiping it with a damp cloth or sponge so that no oil remains inside it and it can be used for cooking more delicious food in the future without any hassle.

Best Roti Makers: FAQ

Can Roti Maker Make Naan?

Yes, it can make naan at the same time which is actually a good idea to cook both on the same machine at the same time. Can It Be Used As Wok?

Can Roti  Be Used As Wok? 

The short answer is yes and no. You can use it for cooking, but it is not designed for it. Many users have reported that the non-stick surface of the pan starts peeling off and leaves metallic taste. However, you can still cook using it as a wok but be careful not to use high heat and press too hard on the pan.

Does Rotimaker Work With 110V?

The product is manufactured in India by Powerplus and designed to work with 220-240V. The company also clearly mentions that it is made for 220-240V only.

However, many users have reported that this product works perfectly fine with 110V without any problems.

Is It Worth Buying a Roti Maker for Making Roti?

Many users have reported that this is the best roti maker they have ever used. It makes perfectly round rotis and naans really quick. It is also easy to clean and very durable. 

If you want to make rotis and naans quickly then this could be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for options to make other types of flatbreads then you may need to look elsewhere.

If you want to buy this product then you can order via amazon.in.


Roti Makers are the most efficient and convenient appliance in your kitchen. This makes it easier for you to cook rotis at home without much effort. It is very easy to use, and you can make Rotis within a few minutes.

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