7 Best Sewing Machines in India (Price & Buying Guide) December 2022

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Which is the Best Sewing Machine for home use? Is it accurate to say that you are excessively searching for the appropriate response? Here you got it. 

Best Sewing Machines Price & Offers

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We are exploring the best sewing machines in India. You may see that sewing machines are perhaps the main bits of home hardware that are needed by each Indian housewife. 

With regards to DIY garments, the vast majority decide on sewing from the fundamental plan and afterward upgrading it by adding some little changes. 

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A lot of procedures and stunts can help you plan an ideal dress that is the reason having a sewing machine at home is vital. These machines help in different habits to get a good deal on the sewing part. 

Presently, without burning through any additional time, here is the rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the 7 best Sewing Machines in India with a buying guide that you should purchase for your work.

Here’s The List of The Best Sewing Machines in India With Price

Best Sewing MachinesSewing Machine TypePrice [Approx]Buy Now
Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Best Sewing MachineElectric9000/-View On Amazon
Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Best Sewing MachineElectric15000/-View On Amazon
Singer Promise 1408 Best Sewing MachineElectric8000/-View On Amazon
Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Best Sewing MachineElectric15000/-View On Amazon
HNESS Best Sewing MachineElectric3000/-View On Amazon
Brother JA 1400 Best Sewing MachineElectric9000/-View On Amazon
Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Best Sewing MachineComputerised23000/-View On Amazon

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Best Sewing Machine (Best Sewing Machine For Home Use)

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As you probably are aware, Usha is the most famous Sewing Machine brand, known for the best sewing machine in India. It fabricates high-caliber and amazing machines, for both home use and modern use.

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The above-demonstrated model can line in programmed crisscross movements. Notwithstanding this accompanies a consistent form and works viably with each sort of attire. 

In addition, you will see that this Usha sewing machine can line 550 fastens in a min. 

You additionally get a 2-year warranty from Usha, It implies you can buy it with no concern of things to come.


  • 550 lines for each min. 
  • Programmed crisscross sewing 
  • No vibration to upset you 
  • 14 applications including trim fixing, moved stitching and smocking 
  • Simple dial control 
  • Sewing light for flawlessness and core interest 
  • Lightweight 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Protected and simple to utilize


  • Can’t be utilized for buttons 
  • Light can’t be turned off

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Best Sewing Machine (Best Sewing Machine For Beginners)

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Like the past one, this Usha sewing machine is fit for being your assistance. In addition, this would be extraordinary on the off chance that you make freehand Embroidery plans. 

It accompanies Automatic Needle Threading and Powerful Triple Stitching framework. Additionally, to this, you get 13 sewing highlights to ensure you get simple work, comfort and on-time results. 

Additionally, the smaller size and lightweight of this Usha sewing machine is an extra. Furthermore, with the assistance of Sewing light, you get exact sewing even on the more obscure side of your room. 

With this, you get a 2-year warranty, making it the best Usha Sewing machine in India.


  • Simple to utilize, Easy to Carry and Easy to Handle 
  • 13 urgent sewing highlights for better mechanization 
  • Sewing light for accuracy 
  • Accompanies novel highlights, for example, crisscross and buttonhole fasten 
  • Double needle work 
  • Switch Stitch work 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Best sewing machine


  • No consistent electric inventory. Just the battery worked. 
  • Interlocking requirements improvement 
  • Strings stall out in the machine.

Singer Promise 1408 Best Sewing Machine (Best Sewing Machine For Beginners)

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Singer is a promising Indian brand which makes the best sewing machines and other home appliances in India. The accompanying Singer Sewing machine is among the most straightforward to utilize. 

It accompanies 8 inherent fastens and 24 Stitches capacities. Also, you get embellishments.

All things considered, these are vital adornments. This comes convenient in different sorts of sewing. 

The free arm highlight lets you arrive at hard places without any problem. Likewise, the Heavy Duty Metal frame gives this machine a long working life. 


  • 8 underlying Stitches and 24 Stitches capacities 
  • Simple stringing 
  • Numerous features 
  • Simple Threading 
  • Simple to utilize 
  • Long life 
  • Sewing light 
  • 2-year warranty


  • No major cons found by us

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Best Sewing Machine

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Much the same as the Usha sewing machine, it is the replacement of the Singer sewing machine. It is for more development authority over your sewing. 

The plan and working are straightforward, in any event, for the amateurs. It accompanies 32 inherent lines. It implies you simply should choose a fasten type through the dial and the machine will do it for you. 

The minimal size, builtin needle threader and the trust Singer sewing machine makes it the best sewing machine in India for home use.


  • Driven lighting 
  • Implicit needle threader 
  • The simple fasten selector dial 
  • 32 Built-in fastens 
  • Simple to utilize and deal with 
  • Minimized in size


  • Bobbin quality isn’t as great

HNESS Best Sewing Machine (Best Sewing Machine For Fashion Designers)

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HNSEE is another worldwide brand that is developing which is acquiring ubiquity with the best sewing machines home utilize that they have delivered. The accompanying sewing machine is a reduced, hand sewing machine. 

It implies you can convey, use and store it easily. Besides, the machine accompanies advanced highlights, for example, The capacities to make a straight line,z-type and more than 7 sorts of the line design. 

You likewise get an implicit LED light in it. This will make your work a lot simpler. It additionally accompanies, Forward and switches sewing. And this works with, Adaptor, or 4 AA” battery.


  • Simple to convey and utilize 
  • Accompanies all essential necessity 
  • Best sewing machine for fledglings 
  • Chips away at 4 AA” battery 
  • 7 Built-in line design 
  • Inherent LED light 
  • Forward and inverts sewing


  • Can’t be utilized for long working hours

Brother JA 1400 Best Sewing Machine

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Brother is another well known brand in the market of the best sewing machine in India. The above-highlighted Sewing machine is among the best sewing machines for home utilize that you can discover in India. 

The reduced size allows you to store it and convey it without any problem. In addition, it accompanies highlights, for example, 14 Built-In Stitches, 4-Step Buttonhole, Led Lighting and Auto set fasten length and width. 

Alongside this, you get a 2-year warranty with embellishments, for example, Paddle, Instruction Manual and Demo Dvd.


  • 14 Built-In Stitches 
  • 4-Step Buttonhole 
  • Driven Lighting 
  • Auto set line length and width 
  • Simple to utilize 
  • Exquisite plan


  • No major cons found by us

Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Best Sewing Machine (Best Automatic Sewing Machine For Beginners)

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Subsequent to experiencing all the more affordable alternatives in this rundown of best sewing machine, this may appear to be an episode to you. 

Be that as it may, non the less, this Brunette Sewing machine is among the best sewing machines in India. It has a computerized display which gives you data about the mode, sort of sewing, and substantially more. 

You can handle the speed of this machine utilizing the buttons. Indeed, even the beginning and stop are controlled with the assistance of simple buttons on the sides. 

The accompanying machine offers you 197 fasten designs altogether, including 1 letter set, 7 buttonholes, and 1 eyelet Stitches. 

Also, it accompanies Memory to consolidate Stitches designs just as letters in order for sewing, Automatic bobbin winder and getting capacity.


  • 197 line designs 
  • Buttonholes 
  • Numerous features 
  • Advance framework 
  • LCD display 
  • Well form 
  • For the specialists


  • It very well may be hard to use for amateurs however in the event that you learn it, this can make your work exceptionally simple

Best Sewing Machines in India: Buying Guide

Presently, as you have found out about the Best Sewing machine in India for home use, Its opportunity to comprehend the machine that you will buy. 

To assist you with it, this is a basic purchasing guide. Furthermore, we likewise propose you read Best Mops in India, which will make cleaning your home simple. 

Types Of Sewing Machine 

First and foremost, we should comprehend the Types of Sewing Machines. 

1. Mechanical Sewing Machine- 

Mechanical sewing machine-This is otherwise called a homegrown sewing machine, manual sewing machine or a customary fitting machine. 

You may be comfortable with this sort of machine from seasons of your grandmother’s. They have fundamental sewing capacities and you can undoubtedly see these in Indian homes. 

They are basically of two sorts, either hand administrator put on any stand or feet flexible presser administrator fix on table base. 

These machines these days are not convenient and need advanced capacities needed for sewing like Embroidery. 

They are modest and furthermore come in some most recent forms. You can’t sew thick textures like cowhide, denim into this. 

2. Electronic Sewing Machine- 

As the name says, it chips away at engine power. Electronic sewing machines are higher renditions in contrast with mechanical machines. 

They are for skill, tailor or any expert reason and are best sewing machines in the spending area. 

These sorts of machines have more refreshed highlights which straightforwardness sewing. It accompanies a base 6 inherent lines and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, handle sets, string shaper, LED display screen, programmed buttonhole highlight and more development highlights for smooth sewing work. 

3. Automated Sewing Machine- 

It has an in-assembled display screen and you can likewise download any plan by interfacing with the web. 

They work quickly and reasonably for limited scope enterprises. It can sew any texture and give you an outcome rapidly. They are cutting frame and work with all advanced sewing necessities. 

They are costly however accompanies an assortment of highlights and, you can even decide to modify alternative. It has LCD, LED and in some models a touch board. 

4. Overlocker Sewing Machine 

It cuts lopsided closures and gives a completion to the texture’s frame like cloths, cushion cover and so on.

They are unique in relation to a normal sewing machine and have underlying sergers. With locking frames, It additionally performs seaming capacity which tries not to shred off the texture. It chips away at loopers, spool and different strings. 

5. Embroidery Machine 

As the name recommends, these machines are the best sewing machine for Embroidery work. It has an in-constructed Embroidery presser foot. 

It is an electronic sewing machine for independent companies or the individuals who have Embroidery information. 

Mechanized Embroidery machine likewise accessible on the lookout. They are appropriate for limited scope industries or modern reasons. 

They are costly and you can likewise perform stitching, fixing. 

You can’t do standard sewing and planners utilizes it for sewing distinctive work of art like blossoms, flying creatures, and so forth

Benefits of Having a Sewing Machine 

In spite of the fact that there are two significant kinds of sewing machines accessible on the lookout, mechanical and electrical, the ubiquity of mechanical machines are diminishing step by step. We should view the upsides of having a sewing machine. 


A sewing machine accompanies different in addition to focuses like it’s quicker than ordinary sewing, lines made with a machine will in general be more precise. 

In any way, shape or form if your pieces of clothing get harmed by one way or another you need not go to a tailor shop, all the things should be possible under your rooftop. 

You can change your #1 articles of clothing so it fits you far better, such as stitching your jeans or skirts, adjust the length of your shirt’s sleeves, and so on 


With a sewing machine the lines can be changed by your decisions and there are different sewing alternatives to browse like crisscross sewing. 

Indeed, even you can create custom made presents for your friends and family and you can reuse your old apparel into something more beautiful. 

On the off chance that you love inventiveness, at that point having a sewing machine will help in an unexpected way. 

Want to make a noteworthy style that steps up your character a digit? you can do it with a sewing machine for sure. 

The sewing machine likewise made different customizations and enhanced sewing exceptionally simpler. 


Earlier hand sewing used to be tedious work and that is the explanation individuals regularly visited Taylor shops. 

In any case, with a sewing machine, your ordinary sewing turns into a piece of cake and it’s discernibly quicker than regular hand sewing. The speed of the machine can likewise save valuable seasons of yours.

Features to Look Before Buying a Sewing Machine? 

Stitches Count – 

All the machines accompany an essential fastens number example and you ought to think about it to snatch the best arrangement. 

A decent item with 8 Stitches numbers is solid since they have 6 rudiments, 1 embellishing, and 1 buttonhole. 

  • Reverse straight stitches
  • Triple-layer stitches
  • Frame lock stitches
  • Buttonhole stitches
  • Basting and gathering stitches
  • Ladder stitches
  • Running stitches 

Noise level – 

A machine that doesn’t make a lot of clamor is exceptionally solid. 

Items which are uproarious can make the work troublesome and you dislike the utilization that is the reason you should know how very it functions during long use. 

Additional Attachments 

Connections are a decent piece of any Best Sewing Machine. They make your work more easy and save a ton of time. Here is a rundown of few connections you should look – 

Bobbin – 

It is tube shaped and holds string for sewing. It likewise comes in various shapes and sizes. 

Bobbin winder–

It naturally winds the string upon an unfilled bobbin. 

Top load bobbin – 

It is otherwise called a drop-in bobbin. It is a cycle wherein you can take out a bobbin or drop-in bobbin by sliding a bobbin cover from the outside of the machine. It is found under the needle zone and level in position. 

Front-load bobbin – 

As the name proposes, you can get to it from the little entryway on the front side of the machine. It is vertical in position. 

Best Sewing Machines In India: FAQ

Q: Can you use a sewing machine for ironing clothes?

A: Yes, you can. The best sewing machine for ironing clothes also comes with an ironing board. 

So, you can use it for both sewing and ironing. However, if your main purpose is to buy a sewing machine that has an ironing board, then you should buy a separate ironing machine as well.

Q: How can you use the sewing machine for quilting?

A: You can use a sewing machine for quilting very easily. All you need is to buy a quilter’s foot and attach it to the sewing machine.

Q: What is a bobbin? How can you use a sewing machine without the bobbin?

A: A bobbin is nothing but the spool that is attached to the sewing machine and is responsible for winding thread on the needle. 

If you have wound the thread on a bobbin and attached it to the needle, then the thread will automatically come out of the bobbin when you press the pedal. If you don’t want to use a bobbin, then there are some machines which don’t require a bobbin at all.

Q: What is an overlock/serger machine? How can you use it?

A: An overlock/serger machine is a computerized sewing machine that performs overlock/serging functions automatically. It has three or four needles and one blade. So, it is capable of joining two pieces of fabric together. 

It also performs edge finishing. Besides these functions, it can also perform sowing, embroidery, and hemming. You can easily use it by following the instructions given in the manual.

Q: What is a singer sewing machine?

A: Singer sewing machines are one of the most famous brands of sewing machines around the world. They have been in business from 1851 and are now owned by the Chinese company Sichuan Tianxiang Group Co., Ltd. 

They offer a wide range of sewing machines for different types of purposes. For example, they have buttonhole machines, embroidery machines, industrial sewing machines, quilting machines, sergers, home sewing machines etc. 

The best sewing machine for beginners is extremely easy to operate and its manual contains all the instructions that you need to know to use the machine properly.


In the wake of experiencing our top picks and their highlights, you can undoubtedly locate the best arrangement without a doubt. In the event that, you will purchase a sewing machine all alone and you would prefer not to consider the referenced items then you can pursue the highlights we referenced and think of your own choice. 

We additionally prescribe you to Compare the above sewing machine with the Features and Cons referenced beneath. With that we wrap our article. You may likewise peruse our different articles, written to improve your purchasing.

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