5 Best Sofa Sets In India With Price and Buying Guide February 2021

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A sofa can be defined as a long seat in a sitting room. These are usually placed in front of the center table for people to sit and relax. They are an important part of the living room furniture, and so choosing the right one is very crucial. 

The best sofa sets consist of three or more pieces like a sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman. Sofas are available in many different styles that help you choose the best one according to your needs and preferences. 

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It is important to keep in mind that good quality material must be used while manufacturing a sofa set because it will affect its durability and strength. The materials used also to determine the type of look that you get on the set which is why you should always go for high-quality material.

In this article, we enlisted the 5 best sofa sets available in the Indian market, with a buying guide that will help you to find the best one for your living room.

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Here’s The List of The best sofa sets in India With Price

Best sofa sets Seating capacityPrice (approx)Buy Now
Best furniture Durable Leather Sofa Set4 seater27000/-View On Amazon
Vinod Furniture Wooden 5 Seater Sofa Set 5 seater43000/-View On Amazon
Zikra Dapper Interchangeable U Shape sofa set7 seater66000/-View On Amazon
Torque Jamestown L Shape best sofa sets6 seater33000/-View On Amazon
DriftingWood Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room5 seater32000/-View On Amazon

Best furniture Durable Leather Sofa Set

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Best sofa sets

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The Best furniture Durable Leather Sofa Set in light blue is one of the great options for you if you are looking for the best sofa sets that come at an affordable price. 

The sofa set has been manufactured using high-quality Premium fabric which is bound to last for a long time. It is available in many different colors so that you can choose the one that best suits your house interiors. 

The best sofa set has two comfortable pillows, one on each end which will add to the beauty of your living room. 

The pillows are made up of polyester foam so that they will be comfortable to lean on while watching TV or reading. 

The L-Shape sofa set has a wooden frame which will help it to withstand any pressure and it also helps in keeping the sofa steady while sitting on it. 

The wooden frame is also resistant to fire as well so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in case of an accident.

Vinod Furniture Wooden 5 Seater Sofa Set

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Best sofa sets

The Vinod Furniture Solid Sheesham Teak Wood Wooden Sofa Set is a great option for you if you are looking for something that is comfortable, beautiful and affordable. 

This is one of the best 5 seater sofa sets that has been designed by using high-quality materials and it will prove to be durable as well. 

This 5 seater sofa set comes with 3+1+1 seating capacity  which is made up of high-density foam.

The material used to make this sofa is pure Sheesham teak, wood, fabric; thus it is strong enough to withstand any pressure. Overall this is one of the best 5 seater sofa sets in India.

Zikra Dapper Interchangeable U Shape best sofa set

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Best sofa sets

Living Rooms have become very important in modern households. They are meant to be a place for relaxation and entertainment. It is essential that the living room is stylishly decorated and furnished.

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The decor of the room should be such that it creates a pleasant atmosphere for the people staying there. The modern living room furniture is available in different shapes, designs and styles.

Zikra Dapper Interchangeable U Shape Latest Model Attractive Sectional Sofa Set comes with 2nos. Two Seater, 2nos. Single Seater, 1 Corner piece & Ottoman , 3-Pillows, 4-Rectangle Cushions, 4-small cushions. 4 holder pouffe conical. All pillows are enclosed in zipped covers. 4 booster Headrest.

It is made up of solid wood, and Upholstery Material: Suede Fabric. Overall this is one of the best sofa sets in India.

Torque Jamestown L Shape best sofa sets

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Torque Jamestown L Shape Best Sofa Sets

Torque – Jamestown L Shape Fabric Sofa Set is a beautifully designed sofa set made by Torque which is one of the leading manufacturers of modern furniture in India. 

This particular model has an elegant design that comes with  arms along with a Fibre filled backrest for additional comfort which looks very attractive to anyone looking forward to using these as new furniture for their homes or offices while they are searching for new furniture online or while visiting different showrooms in their cities or towns. 

It is made with Solid wood Frame and high density foam and tested with 110 kgs weight.

DriftingWood Wooden Sofa Set for Living Room

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This is a very beautifully designed sofa set made by DriftingWood which is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture in India. 

It has a very simple yet elegant design with square wooden legs and arms along with a wooden backrest which makes it look extremely attractive and unique. 

The color combinations of this sofa set are completely different and unique than usual and are liked by many people because they look very different from other designs available in the market today. Overall this is one of the best 5 seater sofa sets in India.

Best Sofa Sets: Buying Guide

Types of best sofa sets in India

Fabric Sofa Sets In India

Fabric sofas sets are usually made from polyester, cotton, polyester blends, leather or synthetic leathers. 

These sets are ideal for those who want something elegant with less maintenance involved because they need less cleaning and can be wiped off if stained with fresh water. 

The fabric looks good even after years of use and does not wear easily. 

It is easy to clean up spills or stains from this type of sofa set as they can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water solution followed by wiping it dry with a cloth. 

This way the fabric will keep looking new for a longer time period. 

Fabric sofas are available in simple designs that include couch with matching chairs, sectional couches or loveseats, chaise lounge chairs, settees; there are also corner couches which consist of two large chairs with arms positioned at the sides of the sofa facing each other or living room sofa sets consisting of three pieces including a chair, loveseat and sofa. 

All these are ideal for smaller spaces like condos, apartments or small homes where space is limited but comfort is still required. 

Space conserving furniture has become a priority nowadays because people often buy smaller sized houses or apartments which do not have enough space to accommodate big furniture items like couches or sofas sets but these can still be accommodated in such small spaces by using them intelligently by placing them in strategic locations like corners or along walls where they do not block doorways but still serve their purpose by providing comfort for people while watching television or reading books etc. 

Many parents also prefer buying fabric sofas for their young children because they are easier to clean up if anything gets spilled on them compared to leather ones which require cleaning solutions like leather cleaners that can harm children if spilled over them accidentally while playing around the furniture without supervision.

Microfiber Sofa Sets In India

Microsuede or microfiber is made using polyester blends such as nylon and wool fibers which ensure that it does not fade easily when exposed to sunlight keeping it looking new for a longer period of time compared to other fabrics like cotton or polyester blends.

The fabric used while manufacturing microfiber sofas makes them durable compared to others and they last longer than normal ones due to their resistance against abrasion i..e friction caused due to daily use by people sitting on it every day. 

Because microfiber has fine fibers woven into its threads its texture is soft making it comfortable for people sitting on it all day long. 

This makes these types of sofas perfect for those who have guests coming to their home or those who have young children and want to provide them with a comfortable place to sit and relax while still keeping the furniture clean. 

Microfiber sofas have become popular over the years with the majority of people choosing them over other types of fabrics because they are easy to maintain and last longer than cotton or polyester blends which need more frequent cleaning.

Cheap Leather Sofa Sets In India

Leather sofas are preferred by many people for their durability, resistance against abrasion and strength which makes these ideal for households where children live. 

These can withstand wear and tear from constant use by youngsters without wearing out easily compared to fabric sofas. This is also one reason why they cost higher than fabric ones. 

The strength of leather sofas makes them ideal for those who have pets like dogs or cats as these can be cleaned using special leather cleaners which are available in the market and do not harm them unlike fabric cleaners which can cause skin irritation. 

The cost of leather sofas set is more than fabric ones but when compared to regular cleaning requirements and maintenance required for fabric sofas, the long term cost involved due to it being used frequently by kids, pets and adults alike makes it worth spending money on it. 

Best Sofa Sets Designs

As I said earlier there are lots of sofa brands available in India, according to their product design and other purposes we divided them into three types like traditional sofas, modern sofas and corner sofas. 

If you want to buy a traditional sofa set then you can choose from this list of traditional sofa sets in India.

We have also added the link to the official website page with each product image which will help you to know about each product’s specs and details. 

If you want to buy any kind of sofa set then no need to go anywhere just check the above lists and select your desired product according to your budget and requirement.

Traditional Sofas: 

These sofas are really very popular in India because they have old world charm which every Indian person loves. 

These sofas are made up of wooden frames with leather or faux leather upholstery on them. 

These sofas are very durable as well as comfortable but they occupy more space because of their big size but they look good with any type of home decor interior theme like contemporary or Indian style etc. 

So if you are looking for classic elegant living room furniture then traditional sofas must be your choice.

Modern Sofas: 

These sofas are made up with low frame design with comfortable cushioning material over it. 

Most of the modern couch designs have curved legs which look good when they are placed against the wall. 

These sofas are less space occupied that’s why they can be easily placed at small rooms or apartments as well as they look good with any type of home decor interior theme like Indian style or contemporary etc. 

So if you are looking for stylish living room furniture then modern sofas must be your choice.

Corner Sofas: 

Corner sofa set is a special kind of sofa which is placed at a corner place, these sets have two pieces one seating area attached with two arms near by each other and another seating area connected with both seating areas nearby each other.

This will help a lot when you need an extra sitting area at your small room or bachelor apartment etc. 

Most corner sofas have 3-4 seater sizes only but modern designs have 2-3 seater sizes also available now-a-days.

These sofas can be easily placed at corner places. 

That’s why they take less space than any other kind of sofa, but if you want something more stylish for living room or bedroom decor then choose traditional or modern style because the corner set is not stylish enough compared to any other design types. 

So if you are looking for an extra sitting area at a corner place at low cost then corner sofa sets must be your choice.

Additional Features that you have to keep in mind before buying the best sofa sets for your living room.

Storage Space: 

One of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a sofa with storage is the space that you have in your home. 

If you are planning to buy a sofa for your bedroom then you need to be careful about the space; you should only buy a sofa that can fit into the corner of your bedroom and not one that will take too much space and make your bedroom look crowded.


The main point of buying a sofa with storage is to store things in the storage space provided by it. 

Thus, while choosing a sofa, it is important to keep convenience in mind; your storage space should be easily accessible from where you will sit on the sofa. 

It should also be easily accessible from where your guests sit on the sofa.


Another important factor to consider while buying a sofa with storage is its durability. 

Sofas with storage are bulky items and they tend to get damaged very easily even if they are used by children sometimes or if they are moved frequently. 

Before making your purchase, make sure that you have chosen a heavy-duty product, which will last longer than others and will not give you trouble in future.


Last but not least, while choosing furniture, you must consider its price as well; there are many furniture products available in the market at different prices; thus, before making your purchase, make sure that you have looked out for all possible options and found out about their prices as well; this way, you will be able to get the best deals available for furniture sofas with storage.


So here we end our article about the best sofa sets in India. I hope it will help you a lot especially if you don’t know about where to find the right kind of sofa sets for your home.

 There is lots of companies offering huge number of products online but it’s hard task for anyone to select the best one from them all because mostly people don’t know what type of product they need exactly that’s why we try our best to bring best product images along with their specs and details here on this blog page which will surely helps our reader’s a lot in buying decision making process

It is very important to choose the right one that suits your home and lifestyle. We have done reviews on the best sofas sets in India, which will help you buy the best one. So go ahead and pick one for yourself as you will surely love it! Happy Shopping!

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