8 Best UPS For PCs In India With Buying Guide December 2022

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The Indian power supply framework is acceptable, however, it doesn’t have a 100% uptime like what the western nations have. Thus, power will, in general, be flighty in the Indian sub-landmass, which implies an answer is required to handle the unexpected nonappearance of power. It is all the more so required for the PCs and different gadgets that are associated with the PC. Besides, an unexpected power outage or solid electrical flood is sufficient to wreck the electrical interface of most electronic gadgets at home or in the workplace.

In spite of the fact that such an occasion is uncommon, they may, without doubt, take out the PC, the time you need it the most. The money related misfortune is there, however, the hopeless harm of data can’t be permitted. Getting the best UPS for PC is the response to all the power reinforcement issues here. 

All things considered, there is a wide range of models of UPS that have various particulars for them. Some are incredible according to their specialized ability, yet that might be a needless excess for your necessities. Others are acceptable, yet may not fit for your increasingly generous needs in the workplace.

Getting a wellspring of an uninterruptible power supply is the thing that you should be searching for, and that is the place you have to choose outstanding amongst other UPS in India. These durable, large units have a flood defender of high-caliber with a decent reinforcement battery that keeps all the associated electronic gadgets running in case of a power outage; in any event for a brief length. 

Buying Guide For The Best UPS For PC 

Feeling free to purchase the best UPS for PC might be what you are considering, however, it is indispensable to do the examination. The cost might be less in contrast with the gear that the UPS will be utilized with, however; the well-deserved cash will get it. What’s more, if the purchaser needs to spare time by requesting a UPS from online entryways, at that point the person in question is better all-around educated about their decision of UPS. More often than not, they take the gear all over worth; they don’t care the best UPS for PC. 

Choosing a UPS could be a certain short torment, which is on the grounds that individuals will in general purchase a gadget in India for the most part on suggestions. They don’t list their own needs first, assign a spending limit to it lastly, coordinate both with the items that are accessible inside their set section. However, even before doing that it is basic to recognize what elements to check for when purchasing the best UPS for PC in India. 

Outlets of best UPS for PC

UPS has scarcely any outlets for gadgets that need reinforcements. Subsequently, while choosing a UPS, one must decide on precisely what number of gadgets would require to be connected to the best UPS for PC in India. For a home office or small workshop with just a single PC and a printer, switch and a modem would require fewer outlets. 

While, for enormous organizations, there will be a prerequisite for an increasingly huge number of outlets. The most widely recognized activity here is, purchase whatever you may require with two extra outlets in the UPS. It will render adaptability of utilization later on, which many have seen. 

However, do realize that a large portion of the UPS units has flood security accessible just on hardly any ports. Here, the outlets that are upheld by the UPS battery will no doubt be less in number than the most extreme port numbers. The reasonable alternatives typically cut the expenses by simply rendering the battery reinforcement to only four or at the most six outlets, which leaves the rest of the outlets unpowered. 

The vast majority won’t see that as an issue, however, it may be an awful shock for some who might think about it when the power leaves; just because after they have purchased the UPS. The beneficial thing here is that a purchaser will see the outlet detail just by observing the UPS on the off chance that it has the ports that don’t give reinforcement power. 

Since, the vast majority of the best UPS in India clients have wired associations for data, searching for UPS which renders insurance for such associations; would be something worth being thankful for. 

Power Requirements of best UPS for PC

When the outlet issue is handled, the following thing that must be checked is the power volume that associated gadgets to UPS will devour. Realize that if the associated gadgets require more power than what the UPS could give, the gadgets will kick the bucket, regardless of whether the UPS battery has plentiful power left to it. The circumstance would be like a PC’s capacity supply where in the event that the wattage is low, at that point the PC’s prerequisites, PC won’t turn on and work. 

The answer for it is utilizing a wattmeter, which will tell precisely how much power the PC and different gadgets are utilizing. This wattmeter can be purchased on the web. Presently, when every one of the gadgets has been checked, assembling the wattage of the hardware that will be stopped to the best UPS for PC in India will give the figure on power necessities. 

The volume of intensity that is provided by the UPS unit is generally composed just before the Volt-Amps or VA. Be that as it may, it is absurd to expect to have the VA convert to watts except if the PF or Power Factor rating of the UPS is known. A harsh yet not usable supposition has the watts inexact to VA. 

 Length Of Operation of best UPS for PC

When the wattage is made sense of, the time of activity or use of UPS must be ensured. A large portion of the purchasers purchases the UPS since they wish to have a couple of moments so they can spare their work on the C and afterward shut it down appropriately. Though some need their UPS to back their frameworks, so they can keep working, which could last almost 60 minutes. 

To discover how a lot of time the best UPS in India will back-up the gadgets that are associated with it, make an all-out wattage volume that the gadgets draw from UPS and afterward minutely allude to the heap/runtime diagram of the item (UPS). It is found for the most part on the bundle’s side or in the depiction if the item is purchased on the web. 

Features of best UPS for PC 

Truly, it might sound that any UPS has straightforward highlights since it is tied in with connecting the gadget, and when the power leaves, the UPS battery kicks-in. Notwithstanding, that isn’t the situation. The fundamental level UPS units have highlights, for example, battery separating notice, USB association just as a product suite that could be constrained by PC to have the settings tweaked. 

The product suite can likewise display how a lot of utilization of intensity has been as of now done. An increasingly ‘expert’ and best UPS for PC in India unit renders more highlights, for example, an LED board that displays the runtime in minutes, remaining charge on the battery just as batteries that are hot-swappable. Despite the fact that a dominant part of individuals won’t require such sort of extravagant additional items, realizing that the alternative is accessible is fundamental. 

Warranty of best UPS for PC

Generally, a UPS keeps going just as long as the inside battery endures, which is somewhere close to 2 to 3 years. It happens in light of the fact that the batteries rot with time, particularly when they are charged totally and the UPS batteries are charged consistently; as a matter of course. Since this occurs, practically a wide range of warranty gets maximum before three years’ over, which is the all-out existence of a UPS battery. 

 Purpose Business or Domestic 

There are many UPS implied for business use. These are exclusively for support up the PC at the workplace where the electrical blackout isn’t endured. Such UPS models are typically worked to take on the requesting difficulties, while they likewise are include stacked to oblige every one of the basics. These are costly however very reliable, while the assembling organization additionally gives the purchasers with complete after-deal administration of the item. 

Though, the household UPS models are intended for homes and home-workplaces (a couple of frameworks). These are minimal effort and sensibly valued in contrast with the business UPS units. The household use UPS is lightweight and less in voltage limit, which makes them substandard compared to their business models. Despite the fact that the household best UPS in India units are just small in the power limit, everything else is nearly the equivalent with respect to highlights. 

Price of best UPS for PC

Basically one of the most significant elements or rather the one affecting variable in the ‘Rundown of elements’. Designating a spending limit for the best UPS in India is the most significant activity on the grounds that going over the money related points of confinement will hurt the monetary state of the user and purchasing underneath the required UPS setup will be of no utilization. 

Thus, keeping aside a measure of cash for the UPS would be a shrewd move. Moreover, likewise keeping some more cash to add to the base spending plan would be something to be thankful for to do. One never knows, if in this quick-paced occasion, a great UPS is brought into the market and it is only a step higher on the expensive side. 

Looking into and choosing the best UPS has been a decent undertaking for us too since there are numerous brands and their various models of UPS in the present market. A large portion of the customers doesn’t know numerous brands that are doing acceptable business across numerous counters, while their display is acceptable as well. A great many people in India purchase UPS principally for their PC and different gadgets that are required for extra work with the PC. Consequently, we needed to remember that PC is the essential hardware that UPS, for the most part, bolsters in India. 

There were the variables referenced over that we looked for as standard estimation and a couple of others that were considered. In any case, even with industry eyewitnesses and specialists exhorting with their experience and data, it was a touch of work to discover just 8 UPS models that would provide food perfectly to the different prerequisites. Since there are best UPS in India which are unimaginably lightweight yet quite flexible in conveying the power that is normal from them, and we additionally needed to pay special mind to models that would give propelled highlights. 

Ensuring that the models that we picked don’t fail to meet expectations or become a pointless excess, we took additional consideration in investigating them. These are the best UPS models in the business, for both residential and office use. Their reinforcement time differs, however, their exhibition is in any case magnificent.

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Here’s The List Of The Best UPS

APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS for PC
APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS for PC
Microtek 1000VA UPS for PC
Luminous Zelio+ 1100 UPS for PC
APC BackUPS Pro– Power Protection UPS for PC
APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back-UPS for PC

APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS for PC

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APC BX600C-IN 600VA/360W UPS for PC

This UPS framework is a modest model accessible for not exactly 3K. Thinking about the low value, it has a portion of the prominent highlights you can expect in a UPS. 

One such element is the caution work that alarms the client when it begins utilizing the battery during a power disappointment. Another energizing component is simply the battery testing highlight to empower clients to realize when to supplant the battery. 

The Automatic Voltage Regulation element shields your PC from unexpected voltage floods and drops. The battery charging pointer causes you to know when the battery is charging and when the charging is finished. 

The Battery Saver Feature forestalls incidental releases when the UPS is on battery mode. The Boost Automatic Voltage Regulation aides in saving battery life. It additionally boosts the runtime as it remedies the low voltage without releasing the battery. 


  • Incredible battery highlights 
  • Driven Display 
  • The runtime of over 15 minutes 
  • Perfect UPS for PC


  • Can’t use for multiple PCs one after another

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS for PC

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APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS for PC

APC BX1100C UPS has every one of the highlights of the APC BX600C talked about before. This UPS demonstrates warnings of changing utility power and UPS power conditions by method for perceptible cautions. 

The programmed individual test guarantees and demonstrates when you have to supplant the battery. 

This UPS is a stage up and step-down UPS where it increments or diminishes the yield voltage during voltage drops and floods. The battery charging marker demonstrates whether the battery is charging or completely energized. 

The battery saver office forestalls releasing the battery. This UPS has a Boost, and the Trim AVR office guarantees the amendment of the voltage conditions without utilizing the battery. 

The chilly beginning component guarantees to give impermanent battery power. This UPS accompanies a quick battery charging limit. It likewise accompanies generator similarity. 


  • Power limit of 1100VA 
  • The runtime of 25 minutes 
  • Five availability ports


  • Nearly costly when contrasted with the 600VA UPS

Microtek 1000VA UPS for PC

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Microtek 1000VA UPS for PC

This UPS can deal with the input voltage in the scope of 135 to 300 volts and keep up an ideal yield voltage of 230 volts. It can take into account two PCs all the while. 

The Microtek UPS can work in extraordinary climatic conditions, for example, 0 to 90% dampness and temperature scope of 0to 48 degrees Centigrade. 

The battery has enough ability to enable one PC to fill in up to 40 to 50 minutes. This runtime is adequate for anybody to finish the work close by and spare the scrapes before closing down the PC. 

The best part of this UPS is that it doesn’t take over two hours for a full revive. 

This UPS accompanies extra highlights like circuit insurance, commotion channel, etc in this way making it an astute UPS. 


  • The runtime of 40 to 50 minutes 
  • Fit for taking care of floods and drops 
  • Short energizing time 


  • At 9 kg, it is by all accounts an overwhelming unit


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The BR1000G UPS is the perfect UPS framework to have in light of the fact that it permits you adequate time to finish your work, spare it, lastly, shut down your PC during any power blackout. 

The Automatic voltage guideline shields all machines associated with it from voltage floods and drops. The nearness of customizable voltage move focuses and affectability profiles help boost your UPS battery life. 

The Power Chute programming empowers the programmed sparing of your data and closes down the framework if there should arise an occurrence of broadened power outages or low battery conditions. You have to interface the USB link that joins the framework to your PC to utilize this product. 

The LED status display enables you to screen the power status, current burden, remaining runtime, battery charging, etc. This UPS framework accompanies a three-year guarantee. 

Likewise, you have an extra lifetime gear insurance approach. It is an Energy Star confirmed UPS framework. 


  • Adequate runtime 
  • Power fluctuates programming assurance 
  • Lifetime hardware security accessible 
  • Spares vitality 
  • Eight availability outlets


  • The fan is somewhat loud

Luminous Zelio+ 1100 UPS For PC

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Luminous Zelio+ 1100 UPS For PC

This Luminous Inverter UPS isn’t the customary UPS that you typically partner with PCs. This gadget is a greater amount of an inverter that can bolster other electrical apparatuses, for example, fans, tube lights, air coolers, etc. 

The framework is with the end goal that you interface this UPS to the principle current consequently guaranteeing that the whole progression of the current is through this inverter. As needs are, you can choose the focuses where you need this inverter to supply power if there should arise an occurrence of intensity disappointments. 

This framework doesn’t accompany an appended battery. You should purchase a different 12V battery to associate with this sine wave inverter. This UPS furnishes MCB insurance and accompanies a detour change to supply power in case of intensity blackouts. 

This sine wave inverter is a silent apparatus due to its low consonant mutilation. 

The LED display unit demonstrates the power reinforcement time. It accompanies a 32-piece DSP processor. The battery electrolyte level marker cautions you at whatever point the battery requires a top-up. 


  • Multipurpose use 
  • Secures against voltage floods 
  • Driven display 


  • Doesn’t accompany a battery 
  • As you need to buy a different battery, the expense of the framework will raise


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The VGuard UPS is a basic UPS that can control your PC for a term sufficiently long to empower you to spare your work and close down serenely. The runtime of this UPS is 10 to 15 minutes once it gets fully charged. There is an insignificant time slack whereby it doesn’t turn off during power blackouts. 

The UPS shields your PC from voltage floods, particularly when you power your AC unit. It can bolster one CPU, one screen, and a printer. It isn’t prudent to associate the laser printers to this UPS as it can lessen the runtime extensively. 


  • Basic UPS unit for supported insurance 
  • Ensures against voltage floods 
  • Enough runtime to empower safe shutdown


  • Can’t interface a laser printer 
  • Not appropriate for more than one PC

APC BackUPS Pro– Power Protection UPS For PC

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APC BackUPS Pro– Power Protection UPS For PC

This UPS is a top-end framework that accompanies an LCD screen to permit a simple checking of the gadget. The power sparing element enables you to interface your PCs just as printers. The ace and slave attachment idea guarantees that the printer closes down naturally as you shut down your PC. 

There are four battery stuffed cum flood secured attachments where you can interface your PC and other gear. You additionally have two flood secured attachments to empower you to interface your printer and scanners. 

The AVR usefulness enables the gadget to work much under low voltage conditions. 

Another urgent part of this UPS is that it naturally turns off the power supply to sit hardware. The propelled battery warning highlights alarms when the battery requires charging. It likewise gives data and cautions you when there is a battery disappointment. 


  • Best for very good quality gaming in such a case that its all-encompassing runtime 
  • Equipped for controlling numerous PCs 
  • Ace slave attachment idea is a decent one


  • Stretched out time for the battery to revive completely

APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back-UPS For PC

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APC BE700Y-IND 420-Watt Back-UPS For PC

This UPS framework has a limit of 700VA and is equipped for providing capacity to one PC and peripherals. There are three battery-stuffed flood insurance attachments to associate your PC, screen, and perhaps a printer. 

You likewise have one flood secured attachment for interfacing with other basic electrical hardware like scanners. 

The inherent AVR highlight directs the data voltage and guarantees to give an ideal yield voltage of 230V. This UPS is fit for taking care of both voltage floods and drops. The overload security highlight enables you to tweak your warm cut off focuses. 

This UPS is a basic framework that accompanies enough runtime to securely close down your PC and shields your costly gear from power changes. The LED display unit and perceptible cautions demonstrate helpful to display when to revive your battery. 


  • Straightforward however amazing enough to control one PC and peripherals 
  • AVR highlight to deal with variances 
  • Simple to utilize


  • The fan makes an upsetting sound


The PC and different peripherals are significant gear. There is a need to shield them from abrupt power blackouts. Consequently, one ought to introduce a UPS framework to deal with power variances. 

The UPS frameworks give you a particular time window whereby you can spare your work and securely shut down your PC. It shields the gear from harm.

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