LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machines

LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine – which washing machine is best in India? 

LG versus IFB versus Bosch washing machine which is ideal?

Which is the best washing machine brand in India? These are a portion of the normal inquiries among individuals who need to analyze LG and Bosch washing machines in India and choose which one to purchase. 

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With regards to purchasing a washing machine, aside from the highlights, limit, stacking type, and cost of the washing machine, it is likewise imperative to pick the brand cautiously. While there are currently a few sites where you can look at singular models, contrasting brands can be an intricate undertaking. 

LG, IFB, and Bosch are three of the top washing machine brands in India. Yet, with models that look practically comparable and progress highlights that sound hogwash to normal ears, by what method will you pick the best? We’ve attempted to analyze these top brands with an end goal to enable you to choose. 

LG Washing Machine Features 

LG is a commonly recognized name in India for the wide scope of items that it offers. The South Korean brand has several brand stores all through the nation and has great advanced reach as well. The accessibility of items over a wide scope of value focuses is the thing that sets LG separated from a few top brands. 

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The best washing machines offered by the brand are isolated into three classifications: Washer Dryers, Front Loading, and Top Loading. A portion of the models offered by LG accompany stunning highlights like NFC Tag On, TrueSteam, Inverter Direct Drive Technology, Auto Pre-Wash, and that’s just the beginning. Accessible in various limits, the LG washing machines are an incredible mix of advancement, moderateness, and life span. 

Indeed, even concerning the after-deals uphold, LG doesn’t neglect to dazzle. It has administration focuses in each significant city alongside a 24×7 complementary number to enroll objections. 


  • Wide scope of reasonable washing machines 
  • Host of imaginative advancements 
  • Fantastic client assistance 


  • While most purchasers concur that the LG washing machines are incredible, the establishment and demo administration offered by the brand is frequently deferred

Best LG Washing Machines


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LG Versus IFB

LG 8.0 Kg T80SJSF1Z Fully Automatic Washing machine

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LG Versus IFB

LG 8 KG FHT1408ZWS Front Load Washing Machine

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LG Versus IFB

Comparison of best LG Front Load Washing Machines

FeaturesLG F4J6TGP0W 8kgLG FH0H3QDNL02 7 KgLG FHT1065SNW 6.5 KgLG FH0FANDNL02 6 kg
6 Motion DD technologyYesYesYesYes
Spin Speed1400 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM1000 RPM
Direct drive motorYesYesYesYes
Smart DiagnosisYesYesNoYes
Tub CleanYesYesNoYes
Warranty on motor10 year10 year10 year10 years
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IFB Washing Machine 

While most worldwide apparatus brands currently have their assembling offices in India, on the off chance that you need a 100% Indian brand for your clothes washer, IFB can be an extraordinary alternative. With over 40 years of involvement with the business, IFB has developed significantly throughout the long term and now has in excess of 250 retail sources spread all through the nation. 

Aside from the Top Loading and Front Loading washing machine that most brands offer, IFB cases to be the principal organization to offer Smart Loading washing machines. These machines are planned as with the end goal that they make the stacking cycle simple and fast. Savvy Wash Programs and Smart Saver Technology are some different highlights of the Smart Loading IFB washing machine

The washing machine from IFB accompanies a 4-years 100% guarantee and a 10-year guarantee on parts upheld for complete true serenity. While the IFB administration focuses are altogether lower than LG, it offers a complementary client assistance number and furthermore offers AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts). 


  • Popular looking, creative washing machine 
  • Progressed Smart Load washing machine offers a few supportive highlights 
  • Noteworthy guarantee 


  • Costly 
  • Less choices when contrasted with a brand like LG

Best IFB Washing Machines

IFB 8kg Senator WXS

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LG Versus IFB

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic TL-RCG/RCSG Aqua Washing Machine

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LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine

IFB 8kg 5 Star Senator WSS Steam Washing Machine

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LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine

Comparison of Best IFB Front Load Washing Machines

FeaturesIFB 8 Kg Senator WXSIFB 7.5 Kg Elite WXIFB 7 Kg Serena WXIFB 6.5 Kg Senorita Aqua Sx
Aqua EnergieYesYesYesYes
Crescent Moon DrumYesYesYesYes
High Low Voltage ProtectionYesYesYesYes
Inbuilt heaterYesYesNoNo
3D-4D Wash4D3D3D3D
Air Bubble WashYesYesYesNo
Child LockYesYesYesYes
Cradle WashYesYesYesYes
Express WashYesYesYesYes
Baby WearYesYesYesYes
Ball Valve TechYesYesYesYes
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Bosch Washing Machine 

Established in 1886 in Germany, Bosch is presumably one of the most rumored organizations everywhere in the world. It isn’t long that the organization forayed into home appliances, such as washing machines, yet has still had the option to move to one of the best positions in the business. 

It offers Front Loading and Top Load washing machines to suit your necessities. Bosch is inseparable from the quality and if the client audits are to be accepted, their washing washings are truly outstanding in the Indian business sectors. They accompany various progress highlights and advancements like VarioDrum, ActiveWater Plus with 256 degrees of burden detecting, EcoSilence Drive, and Anti-Vibration configuration to guarantee the most extreme accommodation and elite washing results. 

Bosch offers in excess of 30 clothes washer models that accompany a fantastic guarantee and after-deals uphold. Bosch permits you to book fix administrations on the web and there is additionally a complementary number to determine client inquiries. In the event that you are searching for a top worldwide brand to purchase a clothes washer, Bosch is unquestionably an incredible choice. 


  • One of the most established and most mainstream worldwide brands 
  • Items are known for their strong form and inventive advancements 
  • Incredible after-deals uphold 


  • Not the most reasonable clothes washer brand 
  • A few purchasers have discovered the alternatives to be somewhat restricted when contrasted with different brands

Bosch 7kg WOE702D2IN Washing Machine

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LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch 7.0Kg WAJ24262IN Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch 8 kg WAT28660IN Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine

Comparisons of Best Bosch Front Load Washing Machines

FeaturesBosch 8 KG WAT2846SINBosch 7.5  KG WAT2846CINBosch 7 kgWAK24168IN
Spin Speed1400 RPM1400 RPM1200 RPM
Child lockYesYesYes
Multiple water protectionYesYesYes
No. of wash programs614
Anti-vibration designYesYesYes
Super 15/30 mi programYesYesYes
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Frequently Ask Questions About Washing Machine

The following questions should help you to decide the best washing machine for your household.

1. Do you have a large or a medium-sized family?

If you have a large family, then you need a large capacity machine.

2. What type of detergent do you use?

If you use powder detergent, then you need a drum that is large, otherwise, you will need to do more rinsing.

3. What type of clothes do you wash?

Cotton and synthetic clothes need different washing temperatures.

4. What kind of fabric is the machine made of?

If the machine is made of plastic, then you need to be careful not to use chemicals that could damage the plastic.

5. What kind of spin cycle does the machine have?

Some machines have an extra spin cycle that helps to extract more water from the clothes.

6. How many spin cycles does the machine have?

Prefer a machine that has more than two spin cycles. The more spin cycles, the better it will be for your clothes.

7. How much noise does the machine make?

The loudest machines are usually the ones that have the biggest capacity. If you are sensitive to noise, you should buy a machine that will fit your budget.

8. Do you have children or pets?

If you have children or pets, you need a machine that has a child lock and a pause button.

9. What do you intend to use the machine for?

If you want to do a lot of hand washing, then a machine with a hand wash cycle will be more convenient for you.

10. What is your budget?

If your budget is low, then a second hand machine could be an option. If your budget is high, then you can choose from a wide range of options that are available in the market.

Bottom Line

All in all, LG versus IFB versus Bosch Washing Machine – which one would it be a good idea for you to pick? We have looked at the absolute Best Washing Machine marks above. On the off chance that you completely realize your washing machine needs, it shouldn’t be troublesome now to choose the best one. 

Each of them three are top brands with their advantages and downsides yet relying upon your necessities and financial plan, you may support one over the other. So, guarantee that you completely check the details of the clothes washer you at last select to ensure that it consummately suits your family washing needs.

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