Oneplus Tv Q1 Series Now Available

OnePlus TV Q1 series on Flipkart is available for the first time in India, with a limited number of episodes available for purchase on the platform.

OnePlus has introduced its Smart TV with very aggressive pricing, with top features that can rival the best TVs in the same price range. TV 55 Q1 has a price tag of Rs. 69,900, and the q1 Pro, which has a price tag at Rs 99, 900, OnePlus has focused on the premium segment in India. In China, the company has also launched the OnePlus TV series Q2 and Q3 at a similar price and sells them in US dollars for about $985 and $1400, respectively. 

The new OnePlus U-Series TV is cheaper between the two and features new software features based on the feedback the company received from its first TV series. Whether these two will offer a better experience remains to be seen, but the OnePlus TV undercuts the price.

If you are interested in the OnePlus TV Q1 series and Nokia TV series, this is the place to be. TV on Flipkart, Samsung is also offering it at a price of EMI Rs. 3,541 for a 24-month sale. If you know your local Bajaj Finserv or Emi Network or one of its subsidiaries, you should consider buying through this network. OnePlus TVs will also be available on the B Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu e trading platforms.

Amazon is an official OnePlus distributor, but the smart TV is also available for sale on the e-commerce platform.

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