Must Try Top 7 Adobe Premiere Pro Alternative For Video Editing

If you’re thinking of creating and editing videos on your smartphone, then Adobe Premiere Pro might not be the right choice for you. It comes with specific performance issues when used on smartphones and even on some other devices.

Of course, it’s the industry-standard tool that freelancers, professionals, and filmmakers use on an extensive scale for creating animations and editing shows and movies because of the powerful features it comes loaded with.

However, due to its pretty complex features, Adobe Premiere Pro might not be the right choice for beginners just getting into video editing. Thanks to developers, several premiere pro alternatives are now available online to help novices get started with their video editing projects. Some of these alternatives are as follows:

1. DaVinci Resolve

This is the absolute first choice over choosing Premiere Pro for video editing. This is a powerful and super intuitive video editing tool which is available for free.

This is the perfect colour grading and colour correction platform and is also one of the best choices for professional colour grading experts who need to colour-grade and correct footage often. With some of the most recent video editing updates, this video editor is a complete editing suite, boasting features like VFX.

With DaVinci Resolve, you get almost all the tools you require for professional video editing!  

2. Final Cut Pro

This non-linear video editing tool is one of the greatest alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro because of its simple but powerful user interface. It helps users edit videos in 4K, 8K, and 1080 HD resolutions without any lags. And yes, it even supports 360-degree VR editing.

The shorter learning curve with this video editor makes it easier to use than Premiere Pro and its highly intuitive and simplified interface. Dissimilar to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro renders visuals quickly while making playback more efficient and smoother.

The tool is perfect for both advanced users and beginners who make videos for various use cases. Its magnetic timeline is probably one of its greatest features. Final Cut Pro even comes with in-built graphic templates, sound effects, transitions, and titles that ease the editing procedure for users.

3. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is one of the biggest competitors of Adobe Premiere Pro, offering easy-to-use video editing attributes. It comes with a fully customizable user interface that allows users to use the tool according to their specific requirements.

The best thing about this video editing tool is its drag-and-drop elements in 2D and 3D feature that helps users make instant changes to their videos. It features a quick, in-built timeline for assisting users with speedy workflow requirements. The tool also supports 4K video editing.

Like all the other video editing tools, Vegas Pro comes with some of the most exclusive features, including independent editing windows, multi-camera editing, Dolby Digital sound, automated color selection, plugin support, masking tools, and 3D preview.

4. Wondershare Filmora

This is a full-fledged and solid Premiere Pro alternative that allows users to record videos through their webcams with voiceovers and then edit them. It serves as one of the most excellent editing suites for users with end-to-end video production requirements.

One of the best things about Wondershare Filmora is that it’s easier to use than Adobe Premiere Pro. It makes way for greater customization of its templates. It also comes with some of the most advanced features like GIF support, 4K editing support, color tuning, noise removal, audio mixer, advanced text editor, scene detection, audio equalizer, and video stabilization.

It’s one of the best editing tools for seasoned and intermediate filmmakers because of its ability to support multi-track editing by way of split screens. The tool also supports advanced editing attributes like audio ducking, green screen, split-screen presets, and keyframing.   

5. iMovie

This video editing tool from Apple is noted for its simple but powerful interface and its three main screens. But above everything else, its elegant appearance and easy-to-use features have attracted the attention of both novices and experts who are into video editing.

If you want to use an editor for trimming clips and making some color corrections, iMovie will be a suitable alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. It comes with easy-to-use templates and seamless integration with almost all Apple devices.

Though iMovie does not have several advanced editing features like Adobe Premiere Pro, it still takes the front seat in the ranking of the best Premiere Pro alternatives because of its simple interface and ease of use.

6. HitFilm Express

This highly intuitive video editing tool is one of the most cost-effective solutions for intermediate users and even beginners in editing. It’s considered better than Adobe Premiere Pro because it provides a workspace featuring expandable panels and a perfectly blended timeline, allowing users to easily switch between different editing tasks.

Hitfilm Express comes with some advanced features such as

  • the potential of adding unrestricted audio tracks,
  • replacing background,
  • colour grade visuals,
  • advanced screen simulation,
  • advanced tracking,
  • layering and masking tools,
  • a sky replacement tool,
  • sci-fi visual effects, and 
  • 3D models.

Together, these features make Hitfilm Express the preferred choice for novices and experts in video editing.

7. Corel VideoStudio

The affordability of this video editing tool makes it one of the best alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro. And yes, it also comes from a brand that has long been serving the creative market.

Corel VideoStudio boasts many features like keyframing 360-degree video compatibility and hundreds of pre-made filters and effects. There are different templates available for beginners to improve their editing skills. Also, just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean you can’t use it for making and editing superior-quality videos. It’ll help you create different types of amazing quality videos within the shortest amount of time.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on any of these Adobe Premiere Pro alternatives, and start with the process of making and editing videos on your iPhone. Yes, you heard it right—even on your iPhone. Most of these video editing alternatives are available for multiple operating systems.

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