What is a base coat?

Ok so everyone is asking me (specially my brother) that how come my nails are not stained or ugly after constant chemical exposure? As you know, I’ve been changing my nail polish almost everyday for the 31 Day nail art challenge. In such circumstances it’s difficult to keep the nails healthy and stain proof..that’s when a base coat come to my rescue..so what is a base coat? keep reading..

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What is a base coat?

Base coat looks very similar to clear polish, but it’s not the same! A good quality base coat helps your nail polish to stick to your nail. Base coats are enriched with vitamins like vitamin E or calcium or other proteins,which keeps your nails healthy and prevent them from chipping and breaking.

Sometimes if you apply a dark nail polish like black, you will see that your nails are stained by that particular color, Or sometimes a yellow stain is very visible! Such stained nails look very ugly! Imagine you want to do a french manicure and the white tip looks yellowish..ewww!!Base coats are really very helpful to prevent such staining as they form a protective shield between the nail polish and the nails.

Also if you have uneven nails,it will create a smooth surface to give you a perfect manicure!

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